Sun, Sep 26, 2021

The kitchen is a most used place and the modification of the kitchen must do a combination between utility and look. An open kitchen can be looked at from drawing or dining. So a compact and handy kitchen show the taste of the hosts and a well-designed kitchen must be helpful for us too. Spending on luxury kitchen renovations must be considered a long-term investment.  

A few tips to give your kitchen a luxury look while renovating:

  • Floor- Begin from the floor, if we use tiles for the kitchen floor, it must be tiny darker in tone. Blackish, deep maroon, deep green, grey-toned tiles may be the tile colour. But if the host or cook wants whitish coloured tiles also can be used. Satin-finished but not slippery and low water absorption tiles should be used.
  • The shape of the kitchen- U-shape, L-shaped and island counter kitchen are the common shapes used nowadays. L-shapes are most in-fashion for its larger space, clear look and utility. 
  • Table-top- Granites were used for table-tops for several years, now quartzes are in fashion. The material for table-top should be heat resistant and not inflammable. Many homeowners are preferring table-tops while planning a luxury kitchen renovation.
  • Sink and bean- sink should be at the corner end and the size of the sink should be larger. For a high-impact kitchen Sink pipes should be hidden behind. Under the sink, the bean should be set for vegetable skins, egg peels, and other extras.
  • Wardrobe- For wardrobe section should be divided into two sections. Under the table and on the wall. A long pantry may be set at the opposite corner of the sink. Which may be used for juices, bottles, jams, spices, lentils etc. The pantry shelves should be adjustable and easy to clean. Every cook has his/her own setup, so the placements of wardrobes must be sketched by the cook’s choice.  The wall wardrobes should not be over 7feet. Keep onion-like smell producing vegetables behind a grill or ventilator for airy ambience. For best use of corners use an S-type wardrobe. For a soundless ambience use soft-close doors for wardrobe.
  • Appliances- Gas-stoves are mostly used for cooking and are available in the single burner to five burners. Set the chimney over the stove for best results. Set the water-purifier over the sink and keep it covered.
  • Water taps- highlight the tiles behind the tap to make it aesthetic. Attach a U-shaped tap for a smooth wash. Frothy water from the tap helps to wash utensils well and does not spread the water.
  • Lighting- Using light is a vital part of luxury kitchen renovations. Sometimes Chimney’s had inbuilt lights. Lighting near the chopping board is essential. You may attach little light for corner wardrobes. For below wardrobes, lights are needed. A well-lighted kitchen is helpful for use and gives a charming look. 

Handleless kitchens are now in the trend. Handles hold oils and darts, avoiding handles means avoiding darts. Keep a place for refrigerators. For Glasses jars, you can use glass doors to show your taste. Colour of the kitchen reflects the mood. It’s not possible to keep the kitchen very light in colour. You may use some moderate colours or mix colours to enlighten your mood. Keep all the appliance’s quality almost the same and give your kitchen a matte finish. Look for a specialised luxury kitchen renovations company which can offer you the best services under your budget.


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