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When it comes to choosing wood flooring in Sydney the first factor that you need to look at is the colour of the same. The great thing about wooden flooring is that natural wood looks great and this is the reason why it works well with many décor styles. This means that you can afford to be versatile as well when you redecorate. But, your decorative scheme should not be the only factor that should influence your choice in this particular regard. If your rooms experience little traffic you can always go for wood floors that are pale grey or white.

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Board Length And Width:

While choosing hardwood flooring in Sydney this would be an important part of the process as well. You may be wondering if you should select broad floorboards or narrow ones. You can think of the smaller options in this regard such as parquet floors or the long ones as well. The thing with the narrower boards is that they look a lot more conventional than the wider ones. The parquet boards were once used only for the traditional properties but these days they have found favour in the contemporary spaces as well.


Durability is also an important factor when it comes to choosing wood flooring in Sydney. There is certain hardwood such as oak, cherry, and maple that happen to be the most durable members of the species. This is the reason why they go so well in households where you have a lot of traffic. But, these happen to be the most expensive in this regard as well. In case you are on a budget you should go for the softer species such as pine. It will show scratches a lot earlier but you can always paint and refinish as many times as you want to. 


When it comes to choosing hardwood flooring in Sydney finish is an important aspect of the process as well. In most cases, wooden flooring comes pre-finished from the factory. This means that it would retain the lustre and colour that had attracted you in the showroom. It should ideally be guaranteed to remain in such condition for a considerable period. However, if you want you can also buy unfinished boards that you can paint, varnish, and oil at your home as per your convenience. Painting is normally meant only for the cheap pine boards.  


The final consideration as far as choosing wood flooring in Sydney is concerned is the choice between solid wood and engineered wood. Which one of these is better? The thing with solid wood is that you can refinish it as many times as you want. But with engineered wooden flooring, you would be able to do this only for a certain number of occasions. This too will depend on how thick your top veneer is. However, in this context, it needs to be said that both are really durable and it is very rare that they would have to be refinished.

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