Mon, Sep 27, 2021

Property owners, who have installed timber flooring, are well aware of the challenges associated with preventing the damage caused by different types of furniture. From chairs to tables and from couches to beds, every furniture item can cause damage to the investment. Besides, unprotected furnishings can grind trash and dirt into the finish of the floor. Heavier furniture can cause more damage to the timber flooring in Killara.

So, if you want to protect your timber flooring from the damage caused by the furniture items. Then it is better to opt for the furniture and chair legs made of timber floor friendly materials. Here come the details:

Install furniture pad: Installing furniture pad is one of the best ways to protect your timber flooring from furniture damage. Furniture pads are basically a soft material attached to the bottom part of the chair legs. There are various types of furniture pads available and each type offers different levels of protection. Here are the popular types of furniture pad that you can choose from.

  • Furniture pads with screw/nails: These pads are really secure as these come attached to the leg of the furniture item with a screw or nail. Therefore these pads use totally different materials for creating soft contact with the timber flooring. On the basis of the type of timber flooring, it is necessary to take proper care. If not properly installed then the result can be really harmful.
  • Slip-on-pads: These pads may not fit into a stylish interior. But these are a really great option as these never fall off. Besides, these pads never scratch the timber flooring.
  • Stick/peel pads: These pads are applied just by sticking the rubberized or felt pad to the leg of the furniture. The only issue with this type of pad is that these don’t last for a long. But the best thing about this pad is that it can be found almost anywhere and it is also quite cost-effective.

Consider furniture traffic: How often you move your furniture on the timber flooring in Killara plays a big role in the level of damage that you can get on the timber flooring. So, the places in your home where you can expect the maximum footfall are the drawing room, kitchen and dining room. So, you must install furniture pads to the legs of the furniture items of these places. This will prevent the timber flooring from getting damaged while the furniture items will be moved. Besides, it is also important to choose the right furniture pad to avoid unnecessary scratches on the timber flooring in Killara.

Precautions to be followed: If you have large furniture like a couch in the family room, then you must prevent your kids from jumping on those. Or don’t plop yourself on the sofa after a tiring day at work. These small movements can actually damage the timber flooring a lot. So, it is better to restrict the furniture movements to the rooms to ensure that the flooring lasts for a long.  

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