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Does your home security system have features like seeing video footage of what’s going on around your home, turning on the lights or controlling the sensor with the help of an app? Are you paying huge monthly bills and getting constantly terrible service from the present alarm monitoring company? 

You deserve to enjoy smarter features on your system and to get flawless service from the alarm monitoring company. Depending upon the manufacturer of the security system, other alarm monitoring companies might also monitor the present alarm system.

They might not be the initial installers, but you can straightforward use your current system and proceed with them. Here’s how.

The three easy steps

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  • Read your contract of alarm monitoring service

If you are using a monitored security system, then you must have signed a contract offered by the company offering alarm monitoring services. The agreement probably states that you will be using the services of the company for a certain period. When you plan to switch the company, make sure you are not within the contract- otherwise, the company may ask for extra money. 

It is this contract that enables the alarm monitoring companies to lower the initial cost of your alarm system. They gradually allow you to pay the difference over a few months as a part of the agreement. A period of 36 months is generally allowed by the industry. 

  • Look for a local monitoring company

Local monitoring does matter. Ask anyone who has tested multiple alarm companies, and they will all recommend the say- search for local companies. Whenever you buy a home security system, make sure that the customer service helps you when things don’t work as expected.

While searching for alarm monitoring companies consider some important factors like-

  1. Where is the company based? Make sure they function locally 
  2. Call the customer service portal to test. Test whether they pick up your call at once and answer your query
  3. Read customer reviews. That is, in fact, the most valid way of finding the current status of a company in the market 
  • Get in contract with right security monitoring provider

Once you have spotted the right security monitoring provider, ask for the contract either by calling them or via mail. Try to schedule an appointment with the service provider as soon as possible. If you already have all the information ready pertaining to the system you are currently using, it’s easy for the new company to figure out whether they can reprogram the security system easily or the system will require a new panel. 

Check out whether your company offers an insurance discount. A majority of the security system monitoring companies understand the value of installing a home security system and arranges for discounts to homeowners installing monitored security systems. 

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Bottom line

Finding a local company offering alarm monitoring services might seem a daunting task on your part. That is the reason, most of the homeowners proceed with the nationally acclaimed brands. However, a little effort on your part is worth the time. To narrow down your search, you can look for companies listed in Google Maps and Yelp. 

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