Sun, Sep 26, 2021

Are you aware of the fact that the state of your electrical wiring might be a reason for your high power bills? Do you wish to cut down your utility bills? Well, upgrading your electrical system might surely help you in such a situation. If there is a home renovation plan that you might be coming up with, consider upgrading the electrical system of your home. You may consult an electrician in Rose Bay before making the desired changes so that you comply with national as well as local electric codes. Let us give a read to some upgrades that you can make in the electrical system of your home and make it up to code. 

  • Electrical Panel Upgrade

You are at very high risk if your home has faulty electrical connections. To eliminate these risks, performing an electrical panel upgrade would be a wise idea. Nearly 90 per cent of the homes are decades old and their design was in a way so that they use hardly 40 to 50 amps of power. Well, homes in this era require four to five times more power. When you upgrade the electrical services of your home, the electrician in Rose Bay will install a new power panel that can meet the electrical requirements of the homes in this era. This type of upgrade can reduce the frequency of flickering of light and circuit breaker trips. 

  • GFCI installations 

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters or GFCIs are the devices that switch the power off when any appliance faces exposure to moisture present in the environment. According to the National Electrical Code, one must install these GFCIs in their bathrooms, outdoors, kitchens, and basement, or in any other appliance kept near water. You might need the help of a skilled electrical contractor for this because they are experts in performing GFCI installations. When you hire experts for the task, you know you are not compromising your safety at any cost. 

  • Working on lighting

When you are planning to renovate your home, you must give a thought to changing the lighting of your home too. You might ask an electrician in Rose Bay to provide genuine advice on which areas of your home require changes in the lighting system. Good lighting not only decorates a space but also enhances the overall aesthetics of that space. If you want to enjoy brighter lighting while maintaining less consumption of power, you may switch to LED lighting for your home. LED lighting helps one to make savings on their electricity bills. Because of the advances in LED technologies, there are now smart tubes and bulbs with warm colours that enhance the beauty of any home. 

  • Electrical wiring 

If you are tearing down a wall for your home renovation, you might need to rewire your home. You may ask the best electrical contractors to perform an inspection and evaluate the wiring system before making the changes. They will also look for add-on circuits that can increase the frequency & risk of electrical failures. To ensure the safety of your home, you may install new switches, wires, and circuits. 

  • Charging station 

Every person in this era always has a hand-held device that requires you to frequently charge it. This increases the demand for charging ports in a home and may often lead to small fights. Well, you may ask an electrician in Rose Bay to set up a charging station that will keep all the devices within an area and free up the other ports of the home for other appliances. Also, there will not be any chances of fights within the family members and you will also have the space to run another electrical appliance. 

  • Structured Media Centre 

While a lot of people are looking forward to smart home technologies, there are myriad devices that interconnect to give a smart home. These devices may be TV sets, audio players, internet modules, and home security systems. Installing a structured media centre creates a central hub housing all the electrical devices of your home. The wiring enclosure will enhance the aesthetics of your home as there will not be any wires left strewn outside. 


While you plan to renovate your home, these electrical upgrades can make a difference and cut down your electricity bills. So, consult your electrician today and make the required changes in your electrical system for an aesthetic & functional home. 


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