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Thinking to perform anti-slip treatment for ceramic tiles? Tiles are one of the popular and common flooring options among the people today. Some types of tiles are wood, faux, slate, marble, ceramic, granite and so on.

In normal tiles, there are certain disadvantages which must be overcome so that it can be used for all purposes. There was a main breakthrough in tiles safety after the development of anti-slip tiles or anti-slip coating for the tiles.

The usage of tiles was increased after this breakthrough. Tiles are coated with epoxy to make them anti-slippery. Epoxy coating can be done on different surfaces.

Some of the surfaces in which epoxy coating can be applied are vinyl tiles, ceramic, and porcelain. The tile’s slipperiness is reduced by increasing the grip of the floor.

Epoxy layer coated on the surface is resistant to water so it will not absorb or allow the water to stagnant on the surface. In this article let us discuss the importance of non-slip treatment for ceramic tiles.

The slipperiness of the tiles can be reduced using rough surface design. This type of tiles is commonly used in patio, pavement, and backyard.

The rough surface of the tiles improves the grip and it prevents the users from slipping. The anti-slip tiles have high friction even in the soapy or wet condition.

Non slip treatment for ceramic tiles is the best option for outdoor areas. It is resistant to blemish and graze. It is available in plenty of designs and colours. Some of the colour options available in anti-skid vitrified tiles are cream, off-white- white, white and brown.

It is also available in different sizes and textures. You can select the one which best suits your needs. In addition to the floors, it can also be used for walls.

Why you should consider anti-slip treatment for porcelain tiles/ceramic tiles?

Low maintenance:

Anti-skid vitrified tiles are resistant to stains and water. So cleaning anti-skid tiles are very easy when compared with the other normal tiles.


When compared with other tiles, anti-skid vitrified tiles last for a longer period. Since they are resistant to water and the thickness of the tile.

The weathering process of the anti-skid vitrified tile is very slow because of the durability and tiles lustre remain the same even after many years. They are also resistant to scratches.

Easy Installation Process:

The installation process of an anti-skid vitrified tile is very easy and for setting, it requires very little time. They do not require an additional coating layer for anti-slip.

The experienced worker needs only 2 days for the whole installation process of anti-skid vitrified tiles. Once installed they are immediately ready to use. If required you can coat the layer for additional safety.

The Friction of The Surface is Reduced: 

The surface of the anti-skid vitrified tiles is porous to hold the water which reduced the friction of the tiles. Walking on these tiles is very easy when compared to the other tiles and they are highly resistant to slipping.


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