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Also known as the plantation shutters, the timber shutters have now become a well-known choice for both business and homeowners, who want to have some beautiful additions to their residential or commercial properties. The best things about timber shutters in Manly are that these add sophistication, charm, and character instantly. And the availability of different colours helps to add ambience to almost any property, whether a heritage property, a commercial, or a residential one while complimenting the design of the existing property. Besides, timber shutters also help people to create more energy-efficient space by blocking out the harsh rays of the sun during summer days and maintaining warmth during cold winter days.

Options for timber shutters:

Based on the space and style of your property that you want to furnish, you can choose from a fixed shutter, hinged style, bi-fold style, or sliding shutter. Timber shutters are mainly available in the motorized remote control or manual control. Timber shutters are also available in different widths. So, even in case you have bigger sized windows, you can install timber shutters in Manly with a larger width size for suiting your window space. Sometimes, timber shutters are also used to divide a large room into two small parts or to alter the space between the rooms. So, no matter wherever you install these shutters, these add value to your property while offering elegant furnishing.

Important features of timber shutters:

  1. These offer thermal and sound insulation: Timber shutters are highly beneficial in offering both thermal and sound insulation. This way, these shutters offer barriers between the external and internal parts of the properties. So, these are ideal for the properties located even in the busy areas and colder areas.
  2. These shutters are of low maintenance: One of the most important things about the timber shutters is that they need very little maintenance. Curtains and blinds often accumulate dust and therefore cleaning those can be tough. But wooden shutters are of low maintenance. All you have to do is to wipe down the shutters with a damp cloth to prevent build-up of dust.
  3. These shutters offer UV protection: While it is great to have sunshine streaming into your property, the UV rays of the sun can be highly damaging. The timber shutters in Manly offer UV protection, as here you can control the louvers to decide how much light you want to get into your room. Most of these shutters also come with UV protection layers that protect the frame from the harsh sun rays.
  4. These shutters are environment-friendly: You can create an environment friendly home by choosing to install timber shutters. These shutters lessen the requirement of heating and air conditioning. And this way, you will save on your energy bills.

These shutters can be customized easily: Last, but not least, timber shutters can be customized easily to suit the style and aesthetic values of the properties. So, you can easily choose these shutters according to the size of your windows.


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