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The recent years are witnessing a surge in the numbers of property owners going for anti slip treatment on their floors. The major reason has been to ensure the safety of the people living in it.

In addition to this, no one wants to temper with the aesthetic beauty of the property, and this is one of the ways by which both safety and aesthetic sense of the property remains intact. However, it is necessary to evaluate the treatment on the ground level whether it is going to be effective or not. Numerous factors are taken into consideration when it comes to choosing the best anti slip treatment. The prime factor is effectiveness.

Testing the Effectiveness of Anti Slip Tile Treatment

According to the experts associated with anti slip tile treatment, methods like etching, coating, grinding, blasting, and use of adhesive strips are some of the commonly used effective tile treatment. However, the effectiveness in each of these types vary. Technology has provided the house owners with several methods for tile treatment. But the best one needs to be picked for maximum effectiveness. The tile treatment takes into consideration the safety, cost, and durability.

Process of Evaluation

Before concluding to any result, through testing on sample tile is done with all the possible anti slip tile treatment.

Other Crucial Factors to Consider for effective treatment

Apart from the above factors, other crucial things need to be taken into consideration during the anti-slip effectiveness treatment


At times, chemical treatment changes the look and texture of the tiles. Therefore, an effort is laid on ascertaining that anti slip treatment is done without rendering any change to the aesthetic beauty of the floor tiles. Extra care and precision are taken during the treatment on the ground of color, design, and general appearance. Taking care of the aesthetic beauty of the tiles becomes very crucial for commercial properties.

Structural Change Due to Chemical Treatment

Chemical treatment should be deliberately and cautiously done. Some of the treatments like acid etching are known to potentially change the structure and profile of the tile. Therefore, chemical needs to be chosen based on the ability of the material to resist the chemical treatment. It can be effective only when the right chemical is used. Therefore, in case of any doubt,non slip tile treatment professionals should be hired.

Mechanical Properties

Mechanical means like grinding can be another effective way of attaining a non-slip surface. The professionals who are into this rely on the machine to render the surface required amount of roughness. Hence, precision is very much required to ensure an optimum amount of roughness.


Anti slip treatment takes into account another way- the addition of adhesive strips and tapes. However, it remains not as effective because it is prone to removal or wears and tear at places. However, choosing the strip should be dependent on the type of surface on which it is going to be attached.


Non slip tile treatment considers numerous factors and proper analysis of these factors helps in determining the right treatment process for the tiles.

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