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Real-time traffic monitoring and vehicle detection plays an important role in efficient traffic management. It can also increase road capacity and decrease traffic. The vehicle can be detected in the traffic signals by an inductive loop system. Inductive loops are considered as the most reliable traffic detection method. 

The application of inductive loops for traffic detection is control, driving directions of the vehicle and other features. It can also be used to provide users with defined paths along the road such as lanes and curbs.

How the vehicles are detected by inductive loops

This type of inductive loop for traffic detection has made it simple and easy to collect the data on the management of traffic signals. It is the correct solution which provides accurate data for vehicle detection. It is mostly needed for the traffic signal control system. In this detector, loops are rectangular and square. It makes it easier to install than circular loops. 

Like other systems it cannot work depends on the pressure of the vehicle. While this system works depends on the principle of electromagnetic detection, which makes it unique compared to other methods.

This inductive loop for traffic detection works by detecting metal objects such as vehicles. Because most of the vehicle is completely built by metals so they pass over them. When vehicles are passing over the loop causes a change in the magnetic field. Those magnetic fields are induced in the detection loop for the time taken for the vehicle to pass over this loop. 

This change in the magnetic field causes a pulse which registers as data in the detection controller. By using this detector you can detect speed and type of the vehicle. If the speed of the vehicle is high, a pair of loops can be used to determine to approach the speed. After that, the appropriate action will be taken at the junction. These inductive loops for traffic detection can also be used to turn indicative arrows.

Pedestrian Detection

In this pedestrian detection is used the advanced type of sensors to detect human movements ahead and alert that to the driver. Some of the sensors may automatically apply the brakes in the vehicle. Other than the inductive loops for traffic detection, it is the unique method to which contains cameras mounted behind the rearview mirror. 

It also contains radar which becomes effective at detecting the movements of people. This pedestrian detection can help to reduce the speed of the vehicle while people are crossing the road. According to some research and progress, the infrared technology used in this detection method is to improve its performance, especially in the night time.

The Bottom line

 The detection of a vehicle to avoid a collision is one of the important things. The inductive loops always provide accurate vehicle detection data. They detect it by the metal of the vehicle making some changes in the magnetic field induced in the loop. These changes will cause the pulse which is registered by the signal controller. In this way, the vehicles are detected in the signals.

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