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The demand and supply of food items – whether raw, semi-prepared or cooked – can never be exactly aligned. This is because the food is grown as per seasons and not picked off the shelves when we want. It is difficult to match the quantity of cooked food, even at homes to the exact quantity that would be required. So when we are talking of large restaurants which feed thousands of people every day from a menu consisting of scores of different items, it is very obvious that they too would require dependable industrial refrigeration.

Let us look at four important functions that industrial cold storage or refrigeration has:

  • Industrial cold storage systems serve the purpose of both refrigeration as well as dehumidifying. This helps to keep the foodstuffs safe from spoiling and also extend the life of the food.
  • When someone looks at choosing from different industrial freezers for sale, there are a number of options available in term of sizes, temperature ranges, and different refrigeration systems. This variety allows different food businesses to choose the cold storage system that is best suited to them.
  • When a food business or a restaurant has a long list of things it deals in, it has to keep ready stock for a large number of those items. When there is a large volume refrigeration system or cold storage facility available, it allows a lot of the perishable items to be shifted inside, freeing a lot of shelf space where nonperishable food items can be stored.
  • The biggest advantage of an efficient industrial cold storage system is that it prevents spoilage of raw materials as well as cooked food, which results in lots of savings. In case you are looking to buy industrial freezers for sale, you must evaluate its price in terms of the potential savings as well.


Apart from being aware of the functions a cold storage system has, you need to be aware of the different types of systems that are available, so that you can compare them to your specific needs and order accordingly:

Industrial Cool Rooms: These are not refrigeration boxes but actually huge rooms when food needs to be stocked and preserved in bulk quantities. These rooms would usually have tall doors for entry and exit (to enable small to medium vehicles to enter if needed), and their walls would have a series of racks for keeping foodstuffs. These are used only by large industries and not by small or medium restaurants and shops.

 Modular Refrigeration Boxes: This is the smaller variant which is used by smaller establishments like restaurants, shops, etc. These boxes are usually available in a variety of sized and with different settings so that they can be used by different establishments.

 Combi Refrigerators: These units can be modified into different storage sizes depending on requirement, and the temperature settings can also be suitably adjusted. These are the most popular options chosen by customers because of their better value for money.

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