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Secure communication is provided via the axis camera—a highly secure and dependable solution. Customers may also benefit from a vast axis array of network cameras, intercoms, and audio devices, all from a single trusted source.

Axis camera creates network solutions that offer insights for increasing security and new ways of conducting business, enabling a more imaginative and safer world. Axis provides solutions and services for video surveillance and analytics, access control, intercom, and audio systems as the market leader in network video. 

Features of Axis Camera

  • Setup is simple, and the system is easy to use.
  • Available 4K Ultra HD, efficient investigation and high-definition identification

An extensive support system is in place.

Features of Axis Camera

1. Protect Your Premises, Improve Your Business

AXIS Camera is a security video and access management software that a variety of companies can use. Retail shops, hotels, schools, and industrial sectors are just a few examples of businesses with complete control and protection over their facilities and can respond swiftly to events. All of this is done to help companies operate more smoothly. Axis camera works in tandem with our other network video products and features to provide you with a comprehensive, versatile, safe, and dependable solution.

2. Powerful and Simple To Operate

AXIS camera is a powerful and simple-to-use system with a straightforward interface that allows anybody to administer the system, handle problems, and rapidly export high-definition data. You can do more than control your cameras with the axis camera station.

It networks speakers to communicate with staff and deter intruders. Network video door stations for audiovisual identification and remote entry control, body-worn solutions for private security and law enforcement, video analytics to improve operator efficiency, and radar from tracking intruders are all simple to add. The axis camera station is constantly updated with new features to safeguard your property further and make your life simpler.

3. Enhanced Security with Access Control

The smooth, user-friendly interface of the axis now incorporates access control administration. This scalable system can handle up to 128 doors per server and up to 10,000 cardholders with different credentials and is designed to operate with axis A1601 network door controller and axis card readers. Axis camera is bundled with axis camera, and each door controller requires one license.

4. Privacy Protection – Easily Mask Objects and People

Video management software’s main features include happenings at privacy-protection tools. To comply with laws, you may need to hide items and innocent bystanders in a film. You can quickly clean footage when exporting using the axis camera station’s video redaction. You may observe live activity with the axis live privacy shield without gathering any personal data.

5. Mobile Viewing App for Remote Monitoring

The Axis Mobile viewing app enables users to stay updated on the surveillance site and other places. It includes a live view with configurable streaming profiles, timeline display of recorded events, snapshots in live view and playback, and other features.

6. Out-Of-The-Box Ready Recording Solutions

Axis network video recorders are preinstalled with all required software, including licensing, and are preconfigured to save time during installation. They constitute a plug-and-play solution for up to 64 channels for mid-sized setups, using cameras from an extensive product range and displays.

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