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BMW is an extremely popular German Brand. Many think the glory days of this German giant is fading. But, it is still the king in the automotive industry. The cool car also comes with certain problems, some very common to the brand. But there’s nothing that a good BMW mechanic Beacon Hill  can’t fix.

Here are some top common problems of the German giant which can be easily solved by BMW expert Mechanics

  • Steering Wheel Vibrates While Applying Brake

It feels mighty when you put your feet on the gas and it speeds away. But when you apply brakes, sometimes the steering wheel vibrates. This happens especially if you have a 3 series steering. If this happens in your car, call a BMW mechanic from Beacon Hill for fixing it. You might need to replace the wrap rotors. If you don’t attend this issue, it can aggravate and cause some serious damage.

  • Leaking Oil

This is the story of all the cars. This turns out to be a common problem if your BMW has run over 55,000 miles. If you see dark patches where you have parked your car, you might be experiencing this issue. BMW expert mechanic from Beacon Hill can assist to check the valve cover gaskets and oil pan gaskets.

  • Leak In Power Steering

If you notice oil leaked on the floor or if your steering makes screeching noises, it is because of the leak. In such cases, the professional BMW mechanic will check the car’s power steering oil reservoir. If the hose is faulty, the mechanic will change it and the issue will be fixed.

  • Sputtering

If your BMW sputters when you try to accelerate or move at a high speed, it could be because of the due to the malfunctioning high-pressure pump. This causes inconsistent flow of the fuel in the engine. To address this issue, hire an expert BMW mechanic in Beacon Hill. If this problem alleviates, it can lead to a failed turnover.

  • Stiff Or Stuck Windows

Due to some electrical problem or the issue with the window regulator, you might face problems with the window. You might find it difficult to make it go up or down. Ask your BMW expert mechanic to fix the issue for comfortable handling of this beautiful car.

  • AC Problems

You know your BMW is having issues with its AC if the interior doesn’t cool as it should be. The compressor will start for a few seconds and then will shut down. This often happens due to the malfunction of the ambient temperature sensor. If the sensor is not working, it will sense the temperature in the car as low and the compressor will shut down automatically. A good BMW mechanic in Beacon Hill can fix this problem.

  • Leaking Coolant

If the radiator cap of your car is loose or broken, you will see white smoke coming from the exhaust. You can also see the coolant leak outside. Any expert BMW mechanic can change the radiator cap and resolve this problem for you.

So, you see, no car is free of issues but a good mechanic can always fix them for you.


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