Tue, Sep 28, 2021

There are many instances when the corner cabinet in your kitchen seems quite hard to access. Sometimes, you are not sure how to organise that available space. There are some tricks and tips available, which will make the most out of your room. Most of the kitchen corner pantry solutions are genuine places where people can store their daily needful items in an organised manner like oils, spices and more. These areas will provide a lot of storage space and be a challenge because of their limited visibility and access. However, with some unique ideas for new cabinets, you can overcome these obstacles easily.

Try working with a blank canvas first:

The corner pantry is always the clever use of space. Most of the new kitchen layouts will not have that pentagon-shaped pantry cabinet. However, if you work hard for it, the pentagon layout will provide you with enough storage options. 

  • If you have a wide door opening space, then the flexible layout and shallow shelving will help you store compact vacuum cleaners and brooms.
  • On the other hand, if you want, you can create that mini walk-in in that small corner space.
  • You can try to enhance such small spaces with proper lighting. Invest a few bucks extra on the sensor light for that level of convenience.

Start right from scratch:

If you are in the renovating phase, it is always advisable to start working on kitchen corner pantry solutions from scratch. It is one great way to use the corners. The study nook will avoid the corner cabinets and allow for that cabinetry, which is highly accessible.

  • The cabinet right beneath that workbench might be a bit tricky for you to access but can be still used for storing those less used items.
  • On the other hand, you can invest some money in the open shelving option. It is one excellent way for you to display the books and your crockery set.

Corner pantry for your kitchen:

This option is a bit tricky. Here, the shelves remain fixed most of the time. So, visibility and access can be a complex challenge if you have inherited such a pantry style. Using the self-fitted shelves is one relatively simple and inexpensive option. You can use containers on any side, and it will be a good compromise given the cabinet’s constraints.

In some of the available spaces, you can try using the lazy Susans, which might go higher up or up to shoulder level. Some of the suppliers might offer the use of taller centre poles or add a fixed shelf to allow the standard Susans to be well fitted high up. On the other hand, you have the pole-less lazy Susans, which are great options as they are permanently fixed to the sides of your corner cabinets.

So, check out these options and end up with the fully functional corner pantry solution for your kitchen in no time.


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