Sun, Sep 26, 2021

Living in Penrith and thinking of redoing your tired-looking kitchen? Or are you wondering whether to invest in a new kitchen? Whatever be the case, the first thing that you need to do is do thorough research by visiting the kitchen showrooms in Penrith. There are different kitchen showrooms in Penrith for different parts of your kitchen. Once you have done your research you need to have a design in place that will combine several elements like cabinets, benchtops, appliances, sink, and the overall layout. 

In the current times, there has been a huge transformation from the humble, also known as, rustic kitchen to a modern kitchen with the latest amenities. Even the kitchen showrooms in Penrith cater to the needs of customers who want a modern kitchen. From being just a cooking area, the kitchen is now a social space where the family cooks and eats together. And with the pandemic in 2020, the kitchen is also an office, classroom, and playroom. So, to give your kitchen a brand-new look, visit the nearest kitchen showrooms in Penrith and do not forget to explore the latest trends of a kitchen renovation.

Trends to look for:

Here are some of the current trends that can come in handy when you renovate your kitchen:

Go green: Since 2020 was all about the lockdown and staying indoors, many are opting for the colour green to bring the outside in. Sage green is what is defining the modern kitchen. But if you want a more classic look you can always go for darker shades of forest green. In fact, using dark green base units can give you a sense of more space and is often the choice for people with small kitchens.

Painted kitchen: Another trend of the contemporary kitchen is having painted furniture. It offers a fresh life to your kitchen and gives a modern touch to your cabinets. Pairing painted furniture with traditional materials like marble creates a classic yet contemporary look. Another advantage of a painted kitchen is that you can always change the colour whenever you want.

Keep it neutral: Many kitchens in urban areas are opting for neutral shades like grey, taupe, white. Muted colours and tactile furniture such as wood and wicker are still one of the go-to choices for many people. Neutral and earthy colours are making a comeback in 2020 and this is evident from the stock in kitchen showrooms at Penrith.

Store wisely: Storage is still one of the most important parts of a kitchen. Hence it is very important that you wisely choose your storage areas, especially the hidden storage. To get a streamlined finish, it is important to maximize storage space without impacting the look and feel of the kitchen.

Apart from these trends, one of the prevailing makeover ideas about kitchen is the idea of a working kitchen, where you create an area where you can work for your boss as well as cook your lunch at the same time. 


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