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In Sydney, the traffic during weekends is more than the traffic during weekday peak hours. As per statistics, the normal speed is reduced up to 30 percentage on weekends and up to 40 percentage in weekdays. The main reason for traffic is the increasing population in Sydney and the roadside construction works.

Why you should utilize traffic control plans in Sydney?

Any work zone in highways or works involved in renovating the roads should not affect the flow of the traffic and also the safety is important. Any traffic-related issue can be solved with the help of a traffic control plan which is prepared in specific for that worksite. So, if any construction project that disturbs the pedestrian walkway or the traffic on the road then the traffic control plan should be prepared and that plan should meet all the regulation and the safety measure. The traffic control plans in Sydney are designed in such a way that the construction work does not affect the traffic or the people in anyways.

Traffic control plan should be designed by a trained and professional person who has the knowledge and experience with the regulation of the council, road rules, and other requirements. In Sydney, there are many traffic control planning companies which help the constructors in preparing their traffic control plans.

Once the traffic control plan is prepared it should be approved. The approval is based on the specific laws and regulations. If there is any closure of lane in the traffic control plan then the constructor should pay fees to the council based on the time of closure or the place which is needed to be closed. For any experienced professional in Sydney, they take approximately three days to complete the traffic control plan and the days varies based on the place and size of the projects.

A standard traffic control plan include strategies used in traffic control, staging requirements that are needed for the construction process and also during the implementation some traffic control equipment’s are used so the specification of all the control equipment should be highlighted in the traffic control plan and the important element of traffic control plan is the geometric view of the work area and the surroundings. The temporal and spatial requirements for a project should be identified in the development stage of the traffic control plan. The temporal requirements include the time of the work zone available each day and the spatial requirements include the total time duration needed for the work and the hours needed in each day.

In Sydney, it is the responsibility of the local council to maintain the traffic. So, once the traffic control plan is approved and the process of implementation started to like the construction of work or the other reason for which the traffic control plan is designed, then the local council conduct a periodic inspection. If there is any violation of plan then the constructor should pay fine to the local council.  In addition to the traffic control plan, the traffic control management includes development or construction plan, emergency services, public domain areas to be affected and truck detour route if required.

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