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There is a wide variety of ropes available in the market and each of them has its own unique characteristics. But ropes are mostly divided into two types: single braided ropes and double braided ropes.

Single braided ropes are made of eight to twelve strands weaved with half twirling clockwise and the other half anti-clockwise. This type of rope is very strong, undoubtedly and it is primarily used in the counterweight system.

Double braided ropes have two layers an inner braid and an outer braid. Here, the inner braid is made with stronger fibre and the outer braid is made with a resistant fibre. This rope cannot be used as a counterweight system but it can be used for any other lifting job. 


Durability: It is the biggest advantage of any double braided rope. Due to its double layer, this type of ropes lasts a very long time. The outer layer of this rope is made of materials that can resist weather conditions and daily usage.

Strength: These ropes are very strong. The double layer means it can carry more load than any other conventional rope. 

Stretch: The dual layer built quality allows these ropes to stretch more than other ropes and naturally they don’t tear apart easily.

Shock absorption: Double braided ropes are very good at absorbing shocks; the dual layer quality provides this feature.


Double braided ropes have both industrial and non-industrial usage. In terms of industrial usage, it is used to make the nets that carry loads in ports, tow ships, and other heavy equipment, anchoring lines, mooring lines, etc. And in terms of non-industrial usage, the following are its usage.

Rock climbing: Double braided rope is very popular here because of its durability. Ropes used in rock climbing go through a lot of abuse and without a strong rope type like this it is very hard to do the job.

Towing: As mentioned earlier, the towing capability of this type of rope is commendable. So, if your car is stuck or one of your friends is stuck you can easily get them out.

Swings and hammocks: if you are planning to install a swing in your backyard then the double braided rope is your go-to material. The load-bearing capability along with the ability to endure harsh usage and outdoor weather makes it a good choice for swings and hammocks.

  • Double braided ropes are mainly made of nylon, polypropylene, and polyester.
  • Nylon braided ropes are elastic and very strong but they absorb water. Naturally, they lose tensile strength in wet condition and can’t be used.
  • Polyester, on the other hand, is not stronger than nylon but it doesn’t absorb water so it is a great solution in wet condition.
  • Polypropylene is the popular solution here mainly due to its low production cost and lightweight.

Double braided rope is popular for extreme built quality, its durability, and its reliability. The only complaint was this rope was very heavy but the advancement of technology and arrival of lightweight material has eliminated that grievance too. So, double braided ropes are now better than ever.

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