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It is the worst case scenario when you find out that the drainage system of your house has got blocked without giving you a warning. Or, you might have ignored the signs. Especially, if it is in a hotel or any commercial zone where guests are there, it can come to your reputation.

What you can do best in this situation is to call up the reliable professionals who specialize in unclogging blocked drains along with other plumbing services. However, as they say, prevention is always better than cure; you should certainly focus on the prime reasons behind unwanted drain blockage.

Here are some most important reasons you should know that are responsible for creating such a troubling situation at your place.

  1. Hair Blockage

One of the most common reasons behind drain blockage is because of hair. It may not seem to be a big issue primarily, but over time, it can cause some significant problems.

The maximum hair fall occurs around the shower, and those hair strands keep on piling up just at the opening of the drain. According to the experts of blocked drains in Sydney, the hair strands gradually create a chunk and clog the drain.

Prevention: Whether it’s a home or your hotel, wear gloves and pull out the hair strands from the shower opening after every time the shower has been used.

  • Grease In Your Kitchen Sink

It’s about the grease, fat, and oil coming from the food you prepare. It is indeed a common phenomenon of people to drain the wasted grease through the kitchen sink, especially when they are hot.

They might not realise what harm they are causing to the drainage system by this. According to specialists dealt with the issues of blocked drains, the grease or fat will get cold soon after going down the pipe, and it will create a blockage in your duct.

Prevention: As a preventive measure, it is always recommended to keep some cheap glass containers along with you. Instead of pouring the fat down the sink, collect it in those containers and get it disposed of later on.

  1. Wrong Installation Of Pipes

Do you live in a subdivision in Sydney where the previous property owners have called the plumbers who were not that experienced enough? Well, in that case, the main reason for drain blockage in your property can be wrong pipe installation as well. The debris you will try to drain down through the pipes will get stuck at the junctions, and the result will be troubling.

Prevention: Well, you cannot really take any preventive measure in this situation because you might not realise the impact previously. So, if you are facing this problem from the beginning, it is recommended to call up the licensed plumbers ASAP.


Along with these prime reasons, underground pipe fracture due to wrong excavation during the formation of subdivision in Sydney might be another reason. The leakage might not get detected very early but as time passes, the fracture will turn bigger and it will not only cause you problem but to your neighbours as well. To prevent it from happening, it is wise to hire the excavation specialists who carry out utility locating before the excavation. This way, the underground water pipes will get detected before excavation process starts.

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