Tue, Sep 28, 2021

Cleaning out the gutters is an important part of home maintenance to make sure that you don’t face any issues with the water overflow or roof overflow. Gutters also perform a great job of directing away water, but these do a lot more than just collecting water and back up. However, in some cases, the gutters overflow in case leaves and other types of debris are not cleaned out of those regularly. Clogging of water can cause leakage in the drainage system and it can even damage the roof. In this case, the leaf guard gutters can help. This type of guard keeps the gutters cleared and the one-piece design of these guards saves people from cleaning out the gutter regularly.

Leaf Gutter Guard in Sydney

Leaf Gutter Guard

Leaf guards are available in different varieties and styles. Some of these are made of sponge that is directly placed in the gutters. Another type is a wire with bristles that resemble baby bottle brushes. Besides, there are leaf guards made of synthetic and thick mesh. And the best part of these guards is that these can be installed easily by a professional home improvement contractor. These professionals make the guard invisible from the ground and they can also perform an easy visual inspection of the interior parts of the gutters while needed. Some other guards are known as dome systems. Usually made of plastic or aluminum, these guards are often screwed, clipped, or nailed to the edge of the roof creating an awning over the gutter. These allow the rainwater to pass through and into the gutter but often seeds, leaves, and other types of materials set on the top of the meshed dome.

Why choose leaf guards?

  1. Leaf guard gutters are more durable and stronger than any other type of gutters. These guards are mostly made of seamless pieces of aluminum that prevent these from bending or bowing over time. Besides, these are also quite thicker than the standard gutters and therefore these can stand the test of time.
  2. The patented design of these gutters helps to keep the debris out. The pest and debris shielding hoods are other important parts of these gutters that ensure no bulky or weak-looking guards on the sides of your property.
  3. Leaf guard gutters keep the gutters clog-free. So, no ladders are required to clean the gutters every year. Leaf guards will stand behind the design and these offer no-clog guarantee with each installation of gutter. And therefore, these gutters will not be a part of your home ownership. So, installing these guards will successfully take the headache away.
  4. These guards also protect the home’s trim, siding, and foundation from water-related damage. The one-piece design of these guards is directly attached to the fascia board of the home while eliminating the scope of potential leakage that can damage the foundation or exterior of the home. Additionally, the downspouts of these gutters are around 30% larger than the downspouts of standard gutters so that these can carry away more water from the home.

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