Sun, Sep 26, 2021

Every corner of the globe and every aspect of the industry has been touched by the pandemic. We know things aren’t going to go back to normal. In this modern world, companies and sectors that don’t change easily won’t make it. This will be a historical moment and will forever alter the face of the environment and the economy.

For the future of leadership development program, what does that mean? For instance, this means that we need to accept a wider variety of opportunities for learning, including interactive and interactive learning. And there’ll be lots of new tech resources to support us, we have no doubt.

Yet it is key to how we navigate the transition to virtual and digital. For the future of leadership development program, this is the make-it-or-break-it moment.

We will grow leaders better and more quickly than ever before if we do it right. But the danger is that we are merely attempting to replace existing leadership development program approaches with technology. It’s possible to get swept up in the appeal of technologies and neglect the ultimate priorities of the transformation of action and success of leadership. If we want to take advantage of digital opportunities, as we do, we need to stay based on performance.

Why haven’t many automated replacements stuck?

It’s not new to excitement about technology and modern learning. We have been hearing for decades that the modern age is here. We are witnessing renewed interest for every development in technology (internet, artificial intelligence, virtual reality). Yet for a leadership development program, we continue to focus on the classroom. Through each new technologies, it appears like the solution never lasts.

We have seen many firms declare their plans over the years to switch to digital alternatives. Often in favour of on-demand online learning, that means they get rid of classroom learning. The concern is that these strategies only produce significant behavioural improvement in leadership. The big mistake would be to use technology as a partial solution to the short-term issue as we stand at this crossroads. Instead in search of real pedagogical possibilities to the future leadership development program, we need to exploit technologies.

Technology must be part of the future of leadership development.

We like to use that as we learn about technology to do something we couldn’t do before. There’s no arguing, for instance, that virtual reality is incredibly awesome. But it’s just a valuable weapon when it’s used to make an effect that we haven’t been able to do before. In these tough times, while we have discovered new ways of sustaining and even strengthening human relations, people will continue to explore opportunities to communicate and learn in person.

But circumstances, primarily influenced by the demands of leaders, will change. They can not accept boring, didactic learning events focused on dense material and concepts of obsolete instructional style. Instead, they will be looking for interactive, customised, profoundly important, and stimulating leadership development program opportunities.


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