Sat, Jul 24, 2021

Finding the right flooring design which meets all the requirements of the customers is tough. Today, there is an increasing trend in the choices of flooring by people across the world. People have realized that it is completely wrong to blindly select flooring options without scrutinizing the pros and cons of it. Therefore they are moving towards wooden flooring rather than polyvinyl, ceramic and stone based flooring that are usually toxic and unsafe. Especially Timber flooring in St. Marys, Australia is the most preferred flooring option today.

Why is timber flooring popular?

  1. Safety: As they are made from wood, they are completely natural and do not require the use of hazardous chemicals or polymers, which in turn make them the safest option for flooring.
  2. Insulation: As natural insulators of heat due to the air pockets in the cellular structure, wood generally has the tendency to offer warmer surroundings during winters and colder surroundings during summer and are better than other flooring materials.
  3. Strength: The timber flooring is made of 3 or more layers of wood which give increased strength to the structure. The flooring, along with the wide wooden base, adds strength to the flooring, increasing its ability to withstand heavy loads and pressure. This is the reason why dance floors and basketball courts have mostly timber flooring.
  4. Environmental friendly: Unlike concrete, or any other flooring type, timber flooring does not require hazardous chemicals and solvents for preparation. Timber is a naturally found material from nature’s bounty and thus is completely safe to the environment.
  5. Easy cleaning: Maintaining timber floors is not a difficult task as it requires low maintenance and can be easily cleaned, unlike other flooring types. Wood can naturally prevent the trapping of dust and dirt, and thus, it is non –allergic and hygienic.
  6. Durability: Wood flooring are used for centuries, and even if the whole building looks tarnished, the floors reflect the strength and durability of wood. It is found that timbers with high hardness levels are more durable and less prone to wear and tear.
  7. Cost effective: Timber floorings, St. Marys are offered at affordable prices and can be easily installed. The easy installation process saves a lot of money and time.
  8. Comfort:  Home should always be the most comfortable place for you and in order to ensure that one should install timber floorings, St. Marys which give a smooth, gentle feeling to the feet making us feel warm and cosy.
  9. Beauty: Hardwood timber flooring never goes out of style with their elegant highly-aesthetic design and outlook. They give a rustic look to the room making us connect to nature better
  10. Acoustics: Wooden floors are found to absorb sounds and known to reduce the noise levels in the house. They make a minimal sound when we walk on it.
  11. Colour and grain range: Surprisingly, each type of plant or tree produce a different colour and shade of wood, making us select from a wide range of colours. Similarly, each wood has a grained marking, which is unique for each wood type. The diversity in colours and grain markings make it easier to match the flooring with the wall colours.
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