Sun, Sep 26, 2021

Shopping for clothes and apparels online has gained a lot of popularity owing to the rise in popularity of e-commerce. It allows people to buy clothes from the comfort of their homes and have their clothes and apparels delivered at their doorsteps. With fulfilling their apparel needs online, people are also buying their underwear online shopping.

While online shopping offers a wide array of benefits which include a wide variety, convenience, better prices and discounts etc., it has its cons. These include the inability of the buyer to touch an feel the fabric for checking comfort and quality which is an essential factor during purchase decision making of apparels.

So, how can buyers determine the factors of quality and comfort while shopping for underwear, innerwear and other apparels online? Here are some tips for buying good quality and comfortable innerwear while underwear online shopping.

  • Selection of Brands

Consumers must stick to the reputed and well-known brand while undertaking underwear online shopping. Brands are reputed for their reliability regarding quality and comfort. Well-known brands use such as Live In Pride offers products which are made from technology offering advanced odour protection, undergo antimicrobial treatment prior to packaging, is made from quick-drying and durable fabric which stays in shape and does not shrink fast. They also offer moisture-wicking protection and removes sweat and perspiration away from the skin, and the flatlock stitching offers a reduction in unwanted friction.

These factors offer comfort as well as ensures good quality underwear and innerwear while underwear online shopping.

  • Checking Innerwear in a retail outlet and buying online

Consumers can check the quality of various innerwear brands in retail outlets and brick and mortar stores for quality and comfort. Consumers can touch, feel and see the product they wish to buy. As underwear online shopping can be cheaper than buying from retail outlets due to various offers and discounts offered by e-commerce and online stores, buyers can check the inner garments in the retail outlet and buy them cheaper online.

  • Online Reviews

Consumers often post their views, opinions and reviews online on various social media platforms, on the brand’s social media pages etc. expressing their experience of using the products of brands. Consumers can be highly appreciative and ruthless while posting their reviews and feedbacks online and these online reviews can help us make our buying decision during underwear online shopping.

Also, many experts from the industry also post their unbiased feedback and reviews on various online platforms, their social media pages, the social media pages of the brands etc. These reviews can often be in-depth and offer a deeper insight from an expert’s point of view. Consumers can also refer to these online reviews towards influencing their buying decision process during underwear online shopping.

Brands like Live In Pride as loads of positive consumer and expert reviews and users can buy innerwear and underwear from the online store of Live in Pride without much deliberation as many consumers have used their products and have expressed their satisfaction using their products as well.

Zoe, at Age 30 from Singapore. 6 1/2 years working experience in the retail industry. Jumped on the Internet Marketing bandwagon in December 2009 and constantly learning the ropes to be a internet marketer. Currently a business owner of a eCommerce site specializing in product customization. His past projects include Website building using CMS such as WordPress and Shopify in the health and beauty, motivational and metaphysical science niche.

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