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The luxury and poshness of the marble floor is inexplicably eye-catchy that illuminates the look of the interior as well as the exterior. Despite its high price, people install marble floors to give a phenomenal and brilliant look at the building. But does this shine and finishing remain the same for years? No.

With time, the glow and glaze of the marble floor may diminish. Also, though it is highly durable, heavy and careless usage can cause cracks and damage. Besides, you can prevent it from damage by taking precautions. The solution lies in marble polishing. 

Natural Marble Polishing

It is always recommended to contact a marble polisher company to get the best equipment, tools, and chemicals, and the polishing service. Natural marble is a sensitive stone that is extracted and processed before installation. It needs very gentle and mild polishing to keep up the gloss. Heavy and rough polishing may result in the loss of colour and shine. Thus, it is better to hire an equipped and skilled person for polishing.

Cultured Marble Polishing

However, if you choose to install cultured marble which is man-made, maintenance is much easier. You would still need gentle polishing but it can be done by non-experts too. You can buy some scrub pads, abrasives, and mild marble polisher to clean the stains, and give a flawless finishing. In case of major breakage, you must consult an expert.

The Main Steps Of Marble Polishing

Marble polisher companies do marble polishing delicately and gently. Selecting the polishing machine of the right weight and size according to the marble type is the most crucial decision. A heavier machine may cause damage or discolour the marble. A lighter one won’t give the best finishing. Also, handpicking a suitable polishing agent is necessary. 

Let’s go through the various steps of marble polishing.

  • The very first step is to clean the marble floor and prepare it for polishing. Generally, a mob or wiper is used to sweep off the dirt and dust.
  • In case of any stain, a poultice is used to clean the stain out of the floor. It is mainly used in porous areas where stains and dirt settle the most.
  • The next step is to apply a marble polisher machine on the floor that will gently, and slowly move over the floor. A mild pressure of the machine will softly clear out the uneven surfaces, deep stains and smoothen the cracks.
  • This is the time to clean the dust and waste that have come out due to the polishing.
  • And finally, use a marble polishing agent to bring back the shine of the marble floor. Remove the excess to give a perfect finishing.
  • You may use a sealant (if needed) that would seal the pores and keep the marble last for a long time.

A well-maintained marble floor lasts for ages. Marble polishing increases the longevity of the floor and also keeps the shine. Thus to sustain the elegance of your marble floor, don’t miss out on doing marble polishing every 2-3 years. 


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