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Amidst all the post-graduate courses, master of science in financial engineering is one of the most sought after. Students with a keen interest in the finance sector, often opt for this course as it leads to several career opportunities. It has been considered as one of the best and prospering career opportunities and has been in high demand in Singapore. The universities in Singapore offer the best curriculum and faculties and hence, has turned into a global hotspot for students who want to opt for finance as their main subject.

master of science in financial engineering

Is a Master Degree in Finance Worthy?

Before concluding whether a master degree course in finance is a worthy one or not, it is necessary to understand the scope one has if he/she pursues either master of science in financial engineering or masters in marketing in Singapore. The following are some of the areas where a person with any of the above degrees can serve–

  • As a financial consultant
  • As a banker
  • As an analyst to any organisation
  • As a controller
  • As an Analyst (equity research, Finance, Investment)

As we can see that the job profiles mentioned above are lucrative and a degree from any of the reputed organisations means a handsome salary and a secured future. Hence, according to the faculties, considering the above fact, a master degree in finance can be considered as a worthy one.

What one can Gain with a Master of Financial Engineering?

As mentioned above about some of the lucrative portfolios, a master of science in financial engineering is even more than a career-oriented course. It is all about personality development as well. According to one of the students pursuing masters from a reputed institute in Singapore, the top institutes in Singapore offer not only knowledge-based education but also ensure that a student grows up to be an expert both in terms of logical decision making and analytical thinking. The curriculum comprises all sorts of market research and analysis that help in gaining on-field knowledge. Through projects and all such activities, a student gets to know the parameters that actually work practically and not theoretically.

Some of the benefits associated with a postgraduate degree in finance are as follows–

  1. An individual grows up to become professionally and personally mature in terms of financial decision making.
  2. A postgraduate degree or master of science in financial engineering helps the student to gain an insight into financial management and analytics. 
  3. It transforms the decision making power of the student and helps make decisions for the management that would be best for the business.
  4. Masters in marketing Singapore along with financial engineering opens the doorway of networking for the company
  5. It enables the students to make a smarter decision and solve problems with the professional group of like-minded people.
  6. It makes it easier for the student to understand the global trends and policies that would impact- either positively or negatively- the business and hence, make amendments in the company policy accordingly.
  7. A postgraduate degree in finance is usually preferred by the firms because the person has the market exposure and thorough knowledge of the changing aspects of the financial sector of the business.


A master degree in finance and marketing is in demand. Business norms are changing. With the increase in competition, none of the businesses is relying on their local network. Instead, they are looking to cover the different segments of the people. Apart from a postgraduate degree in financial engineering, masters in marketing from Singapore based institute is also getting popular not only amongst the students but also amongst the global companies. Hence, Singapore has slowly transformed into a hub for finance experts for the companies.

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