Mon, Sep 27, 2021

The driveways can get depth and texture in many ways, and exposed aggregate driveway tops the list. It is one of the most popular options in Sydney and perfectly summons up the words stylish, durable and unique. The exposed aggregate driveway in Sydney is considered as the best option for those who run on a budget and at the same time wants to make it look sway and classy.

  • What are the merits of the exposed aggregate driveway in Sydney?

It is the mixture of pebbles and stones in the concrete to give it a magnificent visual effect. The finish is excellent, unique and stylish and enhances the look of your house. 

The exposed aggregate is best suited for entertainment areas and driveways of the house. It offers a wide range of size, colours, and designs as one are free to try and experiment new design and beautifully unique designs. Every finish is unique and presents a marvellous artistic effect that is perfect and suits well for outdoor entertainment.

In terms of technical, exposed aggregate is formed by exposing the sand and small stones or locally called as aggregates in the concrete to make it look natural and meet the outdoor requirements. It is customized to fit in the natural surroundings to give it a raw and crude effect. 

The exposed aggregate is believed to be in practice from older times and has been exported from time to time to meet the changing trends. Though it belongs to the older times but has maintained it’s class and style racing to the top amongst the new trends.

  • Play with the Design:

There are many types of finish and one has got loads of options in this technique. One can play with a single colour for the entire driveway or innovate and add different colours and designs to make it look colourful and stylish. No matter what technique or style one uses, the driveway sure gets a new facelift and a unique makeover which has been created and born out of your imagination, something which you could boast it to your friends and family. They add a personal touch which cannot be achieved in the regular concretes.

The reason for the exposed aggregate being in so long is because it is durable, nonslip, cheaper and very simple to use and the designs which perfectly matches any type of buildings and exteriors.

Today, the older and outdated driveways can get a new look with just an exposed driveway by spraying new fresh colours. The reason many people opt this is, it is very simple and easy to maintain and the weeds don’t grow on them. They are strong and durable which has won against all harsh weather conditions and scratches. It is considered as the best choice for the professional installers as they say it last long for the budget people. 

The exposed aggregate driveway is back with the trends in recent times to create a decorative impact and offers different designs, colours, and texture ranging from smooth to jagged and hues from pinks to blue.


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