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In today’s date when a person steps into the market, he or she can find a variety of literally anything and everything. Hence, forklift machines are no exceptions to the same. If you are planning to buy a forklift machine, then you should definitely have a look at these different types of forklift machines and their uses. Before we begin to discuss the same, let us understand what a forklift machine is. 

What is a forklift machine?

Forklift machines or commonly also known as forklift trucks are very bulky and powerful machines which are commonly used in factories or places where heavy goods are transported or at construction sites commonly. These machines are operated by professionally trained drivers so that they can function properly. 

Different types of forklift machines and their uses-

Forklift machines come in different varieties such as there is a specially designed forklift machine to lift men so that they can complete their work and various other types of machines exist which one can simply hire on rent or purchase in Sydney. 

  • Warehouse forklift machine

The first most commonly used forklift is warehouse forklift. This machine is mostly used for transporting or raising different goods at a height in warehouses. This machine comes with different loading capacities varying from 1-5 tons. If you want to save the repair and maintenance cost of the machines, then you can also hire this machine on the Central Coast. there are lots of companies for forklift repairs in central coast

  • Lift truck

The second important and most important forklift machine which is used is the lift truck. This machine is used to lift man to a certain point or height for any specific purpose. If you are also looking for a machine which can help you reach higher points for some work, then you can hire or simply buy a Man lift hire in Sydney

  • Industrial Forklift

Industrial forklift machines are used for difficult to reach areas and it is also listed in the heavy lift machine category. One can expect the maximum lift capacity of such a machine to be 30,000 lbs. If you are searching for the same machine to hire on rent in the Central Coast, then there are many options through which you can also save your repair costs. 


Forklift service Sydney

  • Telehandler Forklift Machine

The list of different types of forklift machine is very long. Another forklift machine on our list is a telehandler forklift machine. In case if you are wondering what is the use of this machine, then it is a machine which has the ability to the extent of its arms which allows it to become a perfect combination of a crane and forklift to perform hard-to-do tasks. 

  • Counterbalance forklift 

Last but definitely not the least, another most important type of forklift machine is counterbalance forklift. The functional part of this machine is in the front and a heavyweight is present at the back of the machine so that the machine can counterbalance the heavy load it will carry from its front part. Mostly this forklift is used at the construction site and warehouses of factories. 

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