Sat, Jul 24, 2021

Slippery surfaces at workplaces, malls, other public places, and even homes have actually turned out to be quite a source of nuisance, of late. With the alarming rise in the rate of slip and fall accidents, people, in general, have come to prioritise preventive measures for the premises owned by them. A slip and fall accident on your premises can do more harm than injuries. Imagine a situation where you own a big store with a slippery surface. If an employee or a customer ends up with a slip and fall injury within your property, you might be legally held responsible for negligence. Only if the victim chooses not to report the accident or slap a legal case against you, would you be “safe”.

Why should you consider a non slip floor covering?

Investing in a non slip floor covering is the wisest measure to take in this regard. Firstly, to expect that a victim of slip and fall injury will not press charges against you even if the accident has taken place in your premises would be mere foolhardiness on your part.  Even if someone does think of letting you go the first time it happens, don’t expect other victims (if any) to follow suit. Instead of thanking your stars for such “narrow escape”, please do ensure that you’re doing what needs to be done!

Easy to Install

Do remember that a non slip floor covering is actually very easy to install. Slip-free coatings are suitable for both new and existing flooring options. What more? These non-slip floor treatments offer long-lasting results as well. Another major impetus in this regard would be the fact that these treatments don’t really go on to affect the appearance of the floor at all. So even after being treated, your floor looks exactly the same as what it used to look like before it was treated.

Versatile: Recommended for Varied Work Areas

A non slip floor covering is actually recommended for all types of work areas. Regardless of whether it’s your office or home or factory floor, kitchen, club, bathroom, shop, changing room or for that matter workshop – be sure that you can invest in non slip floor covering.

Do consider the benefit of investing in this particular product when you are working in an area with computers or servers. There is a high risk of electrostatic charge in these areas. The presence of anti-slip flooring treatment, however, minimises such risk. This particular solution functions by dispersing the charge created around a person’s shoe soles. It prevents the transfer of electrostatic charge and consequential creation of the electrostatic field.

Fewer Cases of Accidents

And- of course! Who can rule out the fact that with non slip floor covering you can actually minimise chances of accidents on your area. We have already told you about the legal implications of slip and fall accidents in your premises. The anti-slip flooring solutions don’t really cost you a bomb. Make sure that you are taking precautionary measures in accordance.

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