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As a rule, modern roller shutter systems are quite durable. But for one reason or another, some nodes may fail improper operation, constant difficult weather conditions, hidden defects, etc. In this case, it is recommended using the services of specialists, as independent repair of the roller shutter can later turn out to be more expensive.

The leading causes of roller shutter failure:

  • Natural wear
  • Low-quality products
  • Installation Errors
  • Intensive use
  • Harsh climate
  • Accidental damage to the web or guides
  • Neglect of the rules of care and maintenance Vandalism and attempted tampering

Some problems are easy to avoid if ordering roller shutters in trusted companies. Choose a company that deals with roller shutter maintenance and provide guarantees not only for the roller shutters themselves but also for installation. Minimizing premature structural wear caused by heavy use, especially in harsh climates, will help timely maintenance, which should not be neglected. No one is safe from accidental damage and, especially, vandalism and hacking attempts, and the only thing left in this situation is the elimination of damage.

Some problems are easy to fix. For example, to replace the guides, the dismantling of the entire structure is not required. Such roller shutter repairs can be performed independently. Other breakdowns are much more complicated and require partial or complete disassembly of the mechanism, and you can’t do without the help of specialists. Sometimes the cost of repair is almost equal to the cost of a new design.

There are necessary measures that will prevent problems with roller shutters:

  • Management should be carried out smoothly and without sudden movements (this is especially important in systems with manual drives);
  • Be sure to monitor the condition of the guides carefully, you can not allow foreign objects to get in the way of the canvas (this often happens when there are children at home);
  • To avoid problems with seizing the web, the installation of the system must be entrusted to professionals;
  • Promptly clean the roller shutter from dust, dirt, and snow;
  • In no case do not allow the system with automatic drive to have a physical impact, especially during engine operation;
  • If automation is installed, it is worth taking care of the purchase of “uninterruptible” and voltage stabilizers;
  • The lubrication of mechanisms and adjustment of the electric drive must be carried out in a package of maintenance measures. For this, it is worth turning to professionals for help.

As a rule,rolling shutter repairs are usually carried out at the most inopportune moment. However, you cannot hesitate with this, since a minor malfunction can lead to severe and costly consequences. If you notice at least small changes in the operation of your design, you must immediately seek help and do not postpone the inspection.

Each machine is designed for a specific period of operation. And this does not mean that you can safely use the design. Roller shutter maintenance must be performed periodically to identify problems at the earliest stages. Timely maintenance is also necessary to timely replace worn parts.

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