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There are a number of cities in our country, and all of them are distant from one another in various ways. Starting from the population, locality and geographical needs, every city is different and so are its needs regarding fire protection valves.

There are various systems that are adapted as fire protection mechanism, but the automatic sprinkler system is one of the most preferred ones when it comes to life safety as well as property protection. There are many types of sprinklers including dry pipe, antifreeze, wet pipe, deluge and combination standpipe.

With all these options available in the market, it can be quite exhausting to choose the right Cla Val fire protection valve for yourself, and this is why we have listed below some of the points that you should keep in mind while choosing fire protection valves.

  • Does the valve contain wetted moving parts?

Having wetted mechanical moving parts can be a hazard in the fire protection valve setup because the wetter parts are usually prone to stick to each other. They can form a mesh due to this sticking and eventually become a hazard in the case of a fire. Also, due to their sticking tendency, these valves need more frequent and intensive maintenance sessions in order to be operable in case of an emergency. On the other hand, a valve with no such wetted mechanical moving parts is likely to be of greater reliability and often requires very less maintenance. Keeping this point in your mind before buying a Cla Val fire protection valve will help you save a remarkable amount of money.

  • What is the type of sealing?

In case of a diaphragm valve, the main types of sealing used are either an unsupported diaphragm or a disc type. The unsupported diaphragm sealing is under extreme stress in the downstream side, typically when the valve is held closed and is able to withstand high pressure for a longer period of hours. However, this extreme stress often stretches the diaphragm and eventually causes leakage. On the other hand, the disc type of sealing device is of a sturdier built and is made up of a fully supported diaphragm with a metallic disc covered with the diaphragm seated within the valve body. This type of sealing is much more reliable and can withstand higher pressures.

  • Is the valve interior devoid of obstructions?

Ribs or guides are often present in a Deluge valve to stabilize the structures present on the interior of the valve. These supportive structures prevent the collapse of a rubber sealing component. However, these supporting structures can be hazardous when these pipes are used for fire protection purposes as the water used is often rich in particulates and sediments. These sediments have a tendency to get clogged and eventually interfere with the flow of water. This clogging and interference of water flow contribute to headloss, and issues like these in case of a fire emergency can be hazardous.


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