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If you’re looking for an affordable and smart housing solution then you can’t neglect the importance of granny flat. With changing time people have felt the need for these separate areas in their home to offer their guests and elderly parents a comfortable stay. Man people even rent these spaces, which in turn becomes a regular source of money for them. Even the government has felt the need for granny flats, and therefore it has relaxed the complex regulations allowing more and more people to utilize their backyard space. But even after so much of popularity granny flat Wahroonga is not considered as a safe investment for all types of homeowners.


Becomes a good source of income

The best thing about building granny flat Wahroonga is that it doesn’t demand a huge sum of money for construction and you can even put it on rent to earn a good amount of money monthly This will not only help you financially but will also give you a feeling of security that someone is sharing your space. Granny flats are slowly being considered as an asset that all the future buyers would like to buy even by paying huge amount of money. This means that if you have a granny flat in your house that will automatically increase the value of your property.

Serves much more than an investment for your wallet

Granny flats are not only a smart choice in terms of earning a good amount of money by putting it on rent, but it also gives you another source of permanent income to pay your bills or return the mortgage amount. Apart from this, when your grandparents visit you or when your children become big, they too can reside in this separate portion of your home.


Might require extra money to build them

Granny flat costs money to be planned appropriately and to be built properly. Additionally, there will be other additional costs also required while building it like your own house. If you don’t do proper planning on building the granny flat then you’ll have to bear huge expenses which might become difficult for you to bear.

You might have to deal with bad tenants

Sharing your living space with someone whom you don’t know might not always be a good idea. If your tenants are not cooperative or are of bad mood then they might fight with you on even small things which will ultimately hinder the peace of your house.

Future of the property might be a big concern

In several states, once you build a granny flat it becomes almost impossible to subdivide it in the coming future. Therefore if you’re deciding to invest in building a granny flat Wahroonga then always think beforehand will it serve your purpose that you intend to build it or not. Granny flat can only be a good choice for you if you can utilize it in the best possible way.

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