Sat, Sep 18, 2021

Colorbond has always been recognised as an economical roofing choice for most industrial and commercial buildings. However, roofing decisions will not be made with just the cost. The practical and design benefits of using colorbond are equally important, if not more. Now, you can always pre-finish with the help of colorbond insulated roof panels and that will enhance the value and durability of the roofing sector even more. But before investing money on colorbond options, it is better to check out the benefits associated with it. That will help make the right decision for you.

Design ultimate flexibility with colorbond:

It is not hard to state that colorbond roofs are likely to deliver the much needed spanning capabilities, which will result in efficient structures. It will help you to get some extra column free flooring area.

  • There you will enjoy wider colourful options under colorbond range. It provides owners and building designers with some extra creativity license to create that truly unique façade.
  • Such ranges are available in multiple profiles. So you will come across one option to match the design and look requirements of your place.
  • As one bonus point, as the colour gets bonded to metal, it will not need any painting as often as the other roofing materials.

Enjoy perfect resilience to go with it:

If you are looking for one of the most advanced and toughest building materials for roofs, then colorbond seems to be right at the top of that list. Experts have tried and tested out this option for more than 50 years now and in some of the harsh Australian weather without any negative result. 

Another interesting factor is that colorbond is termite resistant. So, it is not just going to look good but will have lasting durability. So, if you are aiming for decramastic roofing replacement, colorbond is a great option for you.

Water collection based feature:

It is true to state that colorbond insulated roof panels will collect more water to cover your rainwater storage tanks. If you are currently aiming for natural water collection for your garden, home, or any other reason, a colorbond roof is always a better choice than concrete tiles. These roofing panels will have better absorbency levels. Moreover, colorbond is stated to be corrugated metal with bonded paint finish. It helps to seal from moisture well. 

Focusing on the weight of colorbond roof now:

Tiles, which are made out of concrete terracotta, are pretty heavy. Colorbond on the other hand is pretty light and just one-tenth of their weight. So, the supporting roofing frame does not have to be that complex. So the final installation cost will lower down quite a bit. After absorbing water, the concrete or terracotta tiles will get heavier. That won’t be the problem with colorbond insulated panels.

So, whenever you are aiming for better roofing conditions, heading for colorbond is always a clever decision to take. You can let experts help you choose the best colour and other variations. They know the right steps to involve in such decision making.


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