Sat, Sep 18, 2021

For efficient and reliable running you must maintain the commercial refrigerator. For increasing the life period of the commercial refrigerator you must regularly service it. You must spend more money if the refrigerator fails suddenly. Sometimes the refrigerator may be working properly but it will consume more power which will increase the electricity cost. Taking proper care of the refrigerator will save you money and at the same time, it will not affect the environment. In this article let us discuss some preventive maintenance tips for commercial freezers in Sydney.

Prevent emergency breakdown of a refrigerator:

If you regularly service the commercial refrigerator by a professional service person then the sudden breakdown and failure of the commercial refrigerator can be prevented. The service person will find the problem in the early condition. If the issue is identified in the initial stage it will be easy to rectify. If you spend a small amount of money on regular maintenance you can save large repair bills. It is simple to maintain commercial freezers in Sydney especially when you take professional assistance. While servicing try to replace the worn parts before they fully stop working. For preventing power loss check the electrical connection. The wear of the system can be reduced if it is regularly cleaned.

Prevent contaminated ice and mold:

Smelly and spotted ice can cause sickness for the customer and you will end up losing your reputation. If the commercial refrigerator is not cleaned properly then there are chances for the growth of viruses and bacteria like E. Coli, Listeria and Salmonella. In an extreme situation, you may face legal action for violating the health code.

Bacteria grow in the ice maker mainly because of the accumulation of mold and dirt. It happens even if you have an automatic cleaning feature in your refrigerator. To prevent mold and contaminated ice you must do service by a professional service person once in two years. They disassemble the whole unit and clean all the parts of the commercial refrigerator. Ask the service person to clean the bins, dispenser, and water lines. Use a specific cleaner for cleaning the refrigerator parts. The ice yield can be increased if you regularly clean the refrigerator.

Energy bills can be reduced:

If you properly maintain the refrigerator you can save up to 10% of the electricity cost. If the condenser is blocked with dirt, the refrigerator consumes extra power for maintaining the inside temperature. The cold air will leak through the worn gaskets, door handle and hinges which will also increase the electricity cost. When you hire a service person for cleaning the refrigerator ask them to clean the coils and also replace parts if needed. For increasing the efficiency and reducing the power consumption properly set the deforest frequency and also the temperature setting.

Extending the life of the commercial refrigerator:

Proper maintenance and cleaning will improve the efficiency of the refrigerator. In addition to that, it will also increase the useful life period of the commercial fridge. If the refrigerator runs for a long period it will cause wear and tear. The main reason for the long run is the accumulation of dirt.

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