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Lost wax casting is also known as Investment casting or Cire Perdue in French. It is a process where a corresponding metal sculpture such as gold, silver, brass, or bronze is being casted from an original structure. Various complicated tasks are achieved by using investment lost wax casting method. Earlier the process used for lost wax casting was entirely different than what people use it in today’s era.

Nevertheless, by using lost wax investment castings methods, it becomes straightforward to create a perfect duplicate copy of the original sculpture. There are many ways to cast throughout the world. The casting techniques used in India might differ from the one used in other countries. Below mentioned is a simple explanation of how a copy of the sculpture is produced by using lost wax casting.

  • Step 1– This is the first step where a plaster mixture is made. You simply have to mix the water into the plaster as required. You have to keep in mind that plaster water starts sinking as it soaks in water and that’s why you will require more plaster, so before you begin with lost wax investment castings make sure you have enough plaster.
  • Step 2– With the help of the stir stick mix the assortment well. You can also make use of your hand where it will be more convenient for you to break all lumps before the mixture sets. Keeping stirring until there are no lumps left and the mixture becomes smooth.
  • Step 3– Gently tuck in the wax sculpture and then slowly insert the wax piece into the plaster blend. Make sure that the sculpture is down and spurs up. Spurs should always remain usable on the top surface. Don’t let your piece to reach the bottom or touch the walls of the container. Keep holding the piece until its being appropriately supported.
  • Step 4– Let the plaster set entirely. The longer time you allow it to set, the better result you will get. Also, don’t go and disturb the plaster by checking it every hour. It is advisable to let it stay overnight for the best outcome.
  • Step 5– Very carefully bang the mold out of the container and be patient while working on this step.
  • Step 6– Now comes the baking process. Burnout process helps in discharging the wax, and the heating will cause the mold to crack. Even here you have to be patient. In this way, you’ll get a perfect copy of your design.

To sum up, lost waxing is a method where molten metal is discharged into a mold that has been constituted with the help of the wax model. The wax model is melted and used away once the mold is created. The most significant benefit of lost wax casting is that the process can be used with any material that evaporates, burn, or melt leaving a mold activity.

There are many well-known investment castings manufacturers throughout the world where they produce some really incredible copies of various original sculptures.


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