Tue, Sep 28, 2021

When you are embarking on a renovation of your bathroom, and you wonder where your walls or floors can be painted, say hello to ceramics. With its functional and esthetic advantages, this immensely common material is used in bathrooms throughout the world – and today, we look at only a few of the many reasons why non slip shower tile are right at home in our bathroom.

Water Resistance

Due to the naturally moist and humid conditions associated with this house space, water resistance is an essential quality in terms of the bathroom tiles. Fortunately, glazed non-slip shower tile has a functional protective layer, making both water and stains impermeable. If your bathroom becomes dirty, or steamy, after a shower and you clean your bathrooms or your floors with water and soap, this would be a great benefit.


In comparison, non-slip shower tile is exceptionally robust (and unlike many other floor options, and are highly unlikely because of their wear and tear daily. It is no surprise that non-slip tiles are so standard when it comes to bathroom floors, professionally installed and kept tiles last for ten or even 20 years. Better still, it is easy to substitute a single tile if one of your tiles gets broken.


Non-slip shower tile does not require much in the way of TLC because they are easy to clean. Just wipe off or mop in a matter of seconds liquids, dirt, and other stains. As with kitchens, the bathrooms are particularly susceptible to spills and spills; so low-care floor tiles are a must for busy homeowners who want to keep their bathrooms beautiful and uncomfortable.


Compared to other flooring products, such as porcelain, ceramic is an economical choice that does not sacrifice style or practicality, but that brings long-term value to your bathroom where it is primarily economic. Other than justifying the initial cost of buying tiles, the longevity of, non-slip shower tile will improve the resale value of a house so that your investment in ceramic tile is also spellbound.

Design Options Are Endless 

There is a wide range of design options available with non-slip shower from size and shape to colour and finish. You can, therefore, get wood, glossy white, metro brick and an enclosure effect that makes it easy for any residential owner to find bathroom tiles that complete their existing colour scheme and design theme correctly.

Some people are fear using such anti slip coating, as they feel that the texture of their current surface would be affected by anti-slip treatments. That’s not real, however. You should find that there are no visible damage improvements to your existing flooring using these coatings.

Overall, a non-slip shower is a perfect way of opening space for people with mobility issues who may find it challenging to reach a bath or shower tray, by eliminating the need to provide a shower cubicle. A non-slip shower is also an ideal alternative. A space with a non-slip shower tile can usually be easily maintained as a regular bath because there is no cleaning of the shower cubicle and it is much easier to keep the room clean when you have a wall-hung basin and toilet.

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