Tue, Sep 28, 2021

With an open photo booth, everyone at your event can see what’s going on in the booth, and it is fun! Guests can get ideas for their poses as they watch, or they can just get dragged into the booth. The gorgeous tripod, lamp, and wallpaper attract people in and become just a focal point for the party around us. You might think that one photo booth is a lot like any other, but you would be wrong. Conventional photo booths like what you see at train stations and airports are a huge box that sits in behind a thick curtain. This is awesome because nobody wants an audience to practice their passport picture profile, so you only need space for one of you. Here are some advantages of hiring an open photo booth in Sydney.

Fun and Straightforward

Open photo booths are great because they are a lot more comfortable than most other photo booth styles. Guests can take either horizontal or vertical images. Open-air booths also make it easy or difficult for guests to fit a moot point comfortably into the enclosed booths.

Quick to Share Pictures

 You get your picture instantly with an open photo booth. Social media integration helps your guests to upload their images in real-time or save them directly to their phones or other mobile devices if they want to do so.


The ability to print pictures in a wide variety of styles and filters allows visitors to print a hard copy of their fun that they can take home or leave for the guest with their thanks and best wishes written on the back.

Works well in warm weather

If you are throwing a party in the dead heat of summer, especially a daytime party, small, enclosed spaces can quickly turn into sweaty saunas. Open photo booth in Sydney is more convenient for people when it’s sweltering out, mainly if it is formal and allows people to wear jackets and trousers. Instead of the red, sweaty faces, the open-air booths will be more photos when the heat and humidity are in full effect.

Open photo booths are a perfect alternative to the traditional enclosed photo booth. They make sharing photos a cinch, allow your guests a degree of fun to customize, and eliminate discomfort when overheating due to summer weather becomes a factor. Keep in mind the above advantages of an open-air photo booth when hosting the next party and having an experience that the guests will remember for a long time. Of course, when people go to any event, they’re going to keep an eye on a party favour or a souvenir they are going to take home or put on their living room shelves.

Using an Open photo booth for events in Sydney will alleviate the event planner’s burden to find the perfect remembrance as the pictures themselves serve as a great remembrance of the event. It will save the event planner a lot as the images include a publicity resource, entertainment, and a corporate event.

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