Sun, Sep 26, 2021

Natural stones are to be taken care of with patience and knowledge. These stones are pretty expensive. So, you cannot take risks with it. However, there are various ways in which you get to improve the longevity of these items. However, penetrating sealer for natural stone is pretty important these days, to say the least. Learning about the sealer and its importance will give you a reason why people are hovering towards it and buying more with every passing day.

More about sealing:

In terms of stone terminology, sealing is the application of the chemical solution to any form of porous surface, which will soak in and then penetrate into the tile. This sealer remains non-visible most of the time and will reduce the level of porosity of the surface. That makes it rather easier to clean and then limit the depth of stain penetration. 

The chemical compounds that you can see used as active sealing agents will vary based on the production type needed. In the same manner, the carrier of the sealing agent might be made using various kinds of solvents, and even water to some extent.  However, remember that sealing is not likely to create an impenetrable barrier against the stains. These sealers are now designed to allow the stone to breathe in. It will permit movement of the water vapour and right into stone after varying periods.

Now you must be wondering why to seal:

It is always better to seal up natural stone all the time, as these stones are likely to come into contact with liquids or any other form of items, which might stain them. But, if the stone is installed within a “safe” environment, then you may not need sealing. It is true that the stone might get moisture on the surface but only moisture won’t stain the stone.

  • Some of the special porous stones like sandstone and all will allow the solvent contaminants to actually penetrate over 20mm into stone if it remains unsealed.
  • So, using a quality penetrating sealer for natural stone over here is important as it reduces stain penetration into stone and with easier removal.
  • In case the stains are left to sit on the stone for a pretty long time, then the stain will penetrate anyway. 
  • So, it is vital to understand what these sealers are actually capable of doing and proper maintenance is also very important for those natural stones with porous surfaces.

Ways the sealers work:

Penetrating sealers are here to offer the right protection against staining. For that, it will form that chemical bond with the stone under the surface area. The main goal is to limit penetration of the current staining agents into the present porous tiles like the grease food, water, and more. Sealers are likely to vary in the effectiveness level, based on their quality, the tile type where the sealers are used, the staining agent, and even the application method. So, learn about these points as well.


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