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It often happens with many businessmen that they generate a very minimal amount of profit or sometimes even suffer from losses. Even after rigorous checking for the quality of the product or service, the behaviour of the salesmen, the store’s infrastructure, the company’s workspace and fixing those all multiple times, the results remain the same. Why does this eventuate?  The root cause for such a loss is effective promotion.

What is an effective promotion?

  • Effective promotion is when the marketer communicates and undertakes activities with the optimum utilization of the resources available to him, which further results in an increased amount of sales and brand recognition.
  • Promotion is one of the elements of the marketing mix, (other being Price, Product, Place), considered as a very important tool for the business

Effective promotion can be done with the help of creative advertising. Creative advertising is not an easy cup of tea for the advertising agencies, but their team of creative experts literally deserves a lot of applause for their “every time unique ads.”. Their painstaking, prolific efforts result in the maximization of sales, increased customer loyalty, and customer recognition.

Creative advertising is really everlasting and is used as a great tool in influencing customer’s psychology. Creative advertising is largely done on the basis of the factors that affect individual and social perception.

Factors affecting perception are:

  • Size: Ads larger in size are perceived first, rather than the smaller ones.
  • Sound: The louder an ad sounds, the quicker it will be perceived and will last longer in the customer’s mind.
  • Intensity: The brighter the ad, the quicker will it be perceived. A dull coloured tool of advertising may be perceived later than a bright coloured one.
  • Motion: The moving objects are perceived quicker than the static ones.
  • Perceptual Learning: If the customer has a bad past experience of product A, he will obviously perceive Product B first.

To build your brand and stand out of the crowd, you can use the following advertising techniques, which ensures guaranteed success:

  • Creating characters: Create an animated character for your brand which can help the customers in brand recall. Commonly known as a brand mascot, it can be any person, object, or animal which gives a connatural feel to the customers so that they can relate and build up trust in your products or services.
  • Celebrities: Because there is a majority of fans of various celebrities, making them the brand ambassador is really helpful. It’s the psychology of the customers that whatever product the celebrities use, can make them look, sound, behave like that particular celebrity too.
  • Retail signs: Grab the attention of your target audience by placing the retail signs in Sydney at a place perfect enough to be viewed from a distance. Make sure to scribble catchy lines or schemes to draw the attention of the customers.
  • Building signs: Change the outlook of your stores with the beautiful, attractive building signs in Sydney and get the most customer recognition. Choose from 3D, glass frosting, backlit, digital signage, and get your brand’s name or logo inked on any one of them which matches your exterior of the store.

So next time you are facing any such kind of loss, make sure to check on your promotion activities.

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