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With the rapid urbanisation and booming real estate sector, what modern generation is missing is the presence of an explicit and beautiful garden. People living in the high rises are in search of flowers, ornamental plants, or in short, greenery. Thanks to the concept of terrace gardening! Because of this, people can see a garden flourishing even on the 31st floor.

Well, is terrace farming so easy? According to the experts associated with roof waterproofing, terrace gardening has certain essential criteria that need to be taken well care of. The very first thing is the waterproofing and the second one includes the garden assembly. The success of terrace farming lies in how efficiently a person can install and design a garden. Effective steps should be taken by keeping in mind the structure of the house and roof.

Is Terrace Gardening Possible for all Houses?

To be precise, no! Not all houses would support terrace farming. This is mainly because of the structure of the house and the roofing. Proper measures should be taken during the designing of the house. In addition to this, before going with the garden installation, Roof Waterproofing stands very important.

According to the experts, the designing for the waterproofing of the roof should take into consideration the following three elements—

  • The building should be able to withstand the added weight. The compatibility of the house should also be tested before going for the terrace gardening.
  • Compatibility of the waterproofing system and membrane
  • Placement of the drains on the terrace
  • Size of the drain to be installed on the terrace

The need for waterproofing the terrace is that it ensures the safety of the entire structure. Waterproofing material should be of superior quality because it would prevent water seepage and damage. The professionals believe that it stands very important and is worthy of an investment.

How to Proceed with Waterproofing?

Roof waterproofing is a highly skilled task and should be accomplished under the supervision of experts. There are many aspects, if followed, would ensure enhanced effectiveness of the entire process.

These aspects are—

  • Ensuring that waterproofing is not done on any polished or finished surface like tiled and marbled
  • Ascertaining that the surface to which the material is to be applied is clean from any dirt and grime; i.e. surface treatment
  • Removal of the old structure before the waterproofing material is applied
  • Choosing the right sealing for the roof

Steps that Mark the Flawless Waterproofing

There are specific steps that need to be taken care of during the waterproofing phase.

These are—

  • Laying out of the RCC

RCC or Reinforced Concrete Cement forms the base of roof waterproofing. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that the foundation is laid with the right thickness.

  • Protective Layer

The RCC needs to be protected with the use of the right layer. Usually, a mixture of cement-sand in the ratio of 1:4 is said to be the right mixture that can serve as a proper protective layer.


Following the right means and consulting the professionals would ensure better protection against seepages and leakages of water from the terrace garden.

Ben White got started in real estate at a real young age. He bought his first house shortly after his 22nd birthday. Ben is the author of a book dedicated to helping new investor.

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