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People often get confused while choosing the basin for their bathroom. You may hear many people saying that you can pick anything as there is no significant difference in between the bathroom basins. However, there are some specific differences that you must know about.

The first thing you must consider regarding it is for which part of your bathroom you need the basin for. It can be the master ensuite, the powder room or the family bathroom – you have to choose accordingly. Consider the space you have in the area to determine the size.

Before you make your final decision, here are some most common types of bathroom basins in Sydney you should take a look at.

  • Top Basins – For Minimal Ensuites

It is the most common bathroom basins that you can come across. These basins are designed to sit on the bathroom benchtop. There are two types of benchtop basins available in the market. One of those is a bit chunky while the other one has a slim edge. The best part of opting for these basins is, it can be perfectly fit on the stone, timber and laminate benchtop.

  • Wall Mounted Basins – For Small Bathrooms

The wall mounted bathroom basins in Sydney are also considered as a popular choice. These basins are designed to save much space. There is no cabinet or benchtop installed under the wall-mounted basins. As a result, the bathroom floor looks spacious enough. Also, you can utilise the space in various ways too. So, if you have a small bathroom space, this basin will be a perfect choice.

  • Under Mount Basins – For Busy Family Bathroom

Do you have much traffic in your bathroom? In that case, under-mount basins will be perfect for your bathroom. The basins are designed seamlessly in a way so that it does not even seem adequately visible from the outside.

The best part of getting the mount basins is there are not much of water spills occur with these basins. Don’t forget to combine bathroom mixer taps with these basins to complete the entire look. These are sealed against the moisture and are easy to clean.

  • Pedestal Bathroom – A Classic Choice

Do you have a vintage theme in your bathroom? If yes, you should better go for the pedestal bathroom that is considered as a classic choice. The prime reason for which people love to go for this pedestal bathroom is that it comes with the benefit of changing the sink pipe.

Diiferent look of bathroomFor wall mounted bathroom basins, the pipe goes hidden behind the wall. So, for changing the pipeline, the wall needs to have tampered. Also, that is a costly affair indeed.


Apart from these most popular types of basins available in the market, there are other styles as well. There are vessel basins which is the ‘cousin’ of countertop basins that go perfectly with the bathroom mixer taps. Also, there are all-in-one basins for those who do not have the time for customising the basin area. Choose wisely.

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