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Just like focusing on the roofs of your house, it is time to deal with the stairs as well. Now, external stairs Sydney are provided in all kinds of buildings, which are available in various designs and uses depending on the location.

Learning about the types first is always important and will help you to make the best decision. Stairs are generally classified into two major types.

One is based completely on the shape, and the other one is associated with the materials used:

1) Based on the shape:

If you are looking for the best external stairs Sydney that the market has in store for you, then you need to focus on the basic shape first. Learning some of the options based on the shape will make this task a lot easier for you to consider.

  • Straight stairs: These are long and straight stairs provided only if the staircase hall is narrow and long. These stairs are used as an emergency exit from the buildings like cinema halls. Such stairs won’t have any change in direction as the steps remain straight and might be in single or in multiple flights with landing between these two flights.
  • Dog-legged stairs: This is another example when it comes to external stairs Sydney, where you have two straight flights with around 180 degrees turn between them. You can see the use of such stairs in residential buildings more often. 
  • Turning stairs: As pretty much self-explanatory from the name, this form of stair might turn in multiple forms, depending on the availability of the space. Some of the examples of such stairs will be quarter-turn stairs, bifurcated stairs, three-quarter turn stairs or open newel stair, and more.
  • Geometrical stairs: These external stairs Sydney are noted to be more or less similar to the open-newel stair style. The only exception is that these options are well-formed right between two adjacent flights and remain curved. They might be of any geometrical shape and also noted as continuous stairs. Such stairs will often ask you to use continuous handrails.
  • Spiral stairs: Also known as helical stairs or circular stairs, these options are commonly used for emergency exits. Here, the step sequences are arranged in the form of a spiral and usually placed where the space is limited for stairs. 
  • Multiple flight stairs: It is also noted to be an open-well stair type, which comprises four flights with a flight turn of 90 degrees. These kinds of external stairs Sydney will offer a promising view of the building. It is commonly used in commercial complexes and multi-storey buildings.

2) Choose based on the materials as well:

Just like selecting the stairs based on their shapes, you might want to focus on the materials used for manufacturing external stairs Sydney before taking the next step and get one for your use. The more you deal with it, the better. Check out all the possible materials, and then you can opt for the right response over here. It will make the stair buying experience a lot easier than usual.


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