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People spend months preparing for their bathroom renovation. They stick to one style, pick out the lighting, select appropriate colours, and choose the best tiles. However, unless they pick the right bathroom vanities, the job is not finished. Unfortunately, picking the right vanities is often the most difficult aspect of the renovation process. Vanities serve as the focal points of bathrooms. They also serve numerous functional needs, like allowing you to brush your teeth in peace.

Picking bathroom vanities that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing can be challenging in a market full of appealing options. Here’s how experts of bathroom renovations in Kensington scientifically assess vanities. Hopefully, their insight will make it easier to pick bathroom vanities – 

Function over aesthetic :

Don’t fall for shiny surfaces or appealing finishes. If your bathroom vanities aren’t functional enough to meet the needs of the people who’ll be using them, they’re practically useless. Some easy tips to add function and aesthetic appeal to your bathroom vanities – 

  • Make a list of things you’ll possibly be using your bathroom vanities for. For instance, someone who does their hair or makeup using vanity mirrors will have different needs compared to people who rarely spend time in their bathrooms. 
  • Always go for double sinks while renovating master bathrooms with a lot of space. Small sinks in large bathrooms look bad and are very impractical. People who live alone or have super-small bathrooms should stick to single sinks. 
  • Children-friendly vanities need to be short in size. But, short and small-sized bathrooms will need to be replaced after some point! 
  • Never forget to leave enough countertop space and space for moving around. 

Consider the proportions of the bathroom vanities :

Don’t ever think that your bathroom isn’t good enough for your favorite type of bathroom vanity piece. Modern-day providers of bathroom renovations in  Kensington offer vanities with widths ranging from 14” to 72”. 

A good way of determining how proportionate your bathroom vanities need to be is by assessing your older vanities. Were they too small? Did they restrict free movement inside the bathroom? Your vanities shouldn’t make your bathroom feel cramped or over-spacious. 

If achieving this balance means opting for custom designs, then so be it. Customized vanities cost slightly more, but the help bathroom owners create unique and stunning spaces. 

Pick one style :

One of the reasons for choosing bathroom vanities is so difficult is the number of design options.

  • In terms of materials of the vanities, you can choose from metal, wood, and glass. 
  • Some bathroom vanities come with traditional designs, while others feature sleek and modern looks. 
  • In terms of layout, your bathroom vanities can be either freestanding or built-in.

Pick one style, assess these options, and make appropriate choices. If more storage space is what your bathroom requires, opt for freestanding vanities. For long-lasting results, stick to metal vanities. 

Storage :

Lastly, don’t forget about bathroom storage while shopping for vanities. Freestanding vanities, of course, are more spacious. But, many bathrooms don’t really need that much space. So, take stock of the items that’ll be stored in your bathroom and make an appropriate decision!


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