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Regular servicing of vehicles is as crucial as the loading of fuel to enjoy a smooth driving experience. Yet many motorists find the maintenance of their car to be a tiresome job. They do not pay attention to it and understand its importance when they are unable to drive their car to reach their desired destination when they want to achieve it. This often sounds shocking and unusual as to how a person, particularly the driver of a car, can forget or neglect his vehicle’s service. It is primarily due to the misconception prevalent among many owners who find car service stagnated primarily by testing engine oil levels, daily washing, fuel filling, and tyres’ pressure.

Therefore, before continuing, bear in mind that car service is not limited to the above checklist. It includes testing various criteria, such as engine test, clutch & gearbox, braking system, etc., which must be carried out after driving the specified kilometres of your vehicle, whether it is during the year or after.

So, now that we are going through the importance of car maintenance, it is becoming imperative for us to note the factors that should be kept in mind before entering the BMW service centre in Artarmon:

Types of Services

It is one of the essential elements to test, before visiting any BMW service centre in Artarmon. The kind of services they provide, as some centres have experience in providing services only to mid-sized vehicles. Many others provide the services of all types of cars to technicians, who are certified by the manufacturer to repair their cars. If you own BMW, you can get your BMW service from the approved BMW service centre without any second thoughts as they are licensed by the manufacturer and have access to the database to maintain car service records, tuning, repairs, etc.

Service Station Infrastructure

Most people assume that all car service centres are the same, but this is not the case in a small degree. Approved service centres in Artarmon contain all the latest computerized equipment currently in use. They have different areas for testing, servicing, cleaning, washing of vehicles, and even the waiting area where their customers can wait and sit. Besides, the licensed garage also shows a certificate of its accreditation from the manufacturer, allowing it to take care of the maintenance of the car made by the manufacturer.


Last but not least, you should get the estimate of your vehicle before you give it for service, so that at the time of payment. For example, when you get your car serviced from the authorized service centre, you will charge a fixed price for any task that varies from changing engine oil or replacing the damaged part of your car with a genuine part as quoted by the manufacturer.

Searching for a reliable BMW service centre in Artarmon would never be an annoying job if you visit an approved service centre, which gives you the real value of your money to get the car serviced by them. This is partly due to its accreditation by renowned car manufacturers.

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