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A kitchen is the heart of any home. It is where all meals are cooked and prepared, and it is where friends and family gather to share recipes and tales over supper or Sunday lunch. It is essential to design your kitchen to be as large and to invite as possible and to ensure that it is conducive not just to cooking but also for other kitchen activities.

Despite your best efforts, not all kitchen remodelling projects go as planned. Layout design may be a problem, like the paint colour, cabinetry type, and furnishings selected may not match. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when remodelling your kitchen in Parkes

Failing to Consider the Workflow

The refrigerator, stove, and sink are the three busiest kitchen sections. If these three characteristics are put side by side in a kitchen, it will be difficult for more than one person to cook or prepare meals simultaneously. Instead, make a triangle with the refrigerator, stove, and sink to allow you to operate effectively in your new kitchen.

Choosing Appliances Last

Instead of leaving it until the last minute, choose your new appliances early in the process. Why? The machines should fit tightly between your kitchen cabinets, but you will not know their precise dimensions until you choose them. Therefore, if you wait too long, you will have to figure out where your cabinets will go as well as much space to allow for your appliances without knowing their precise measurements.

Picking the Wrong Size

Using things too small may make the whole kitchen seem untidy and unfinished. If you select bar stools that are considerably shorter than the height of your island, your family will be unable to use this part of your kitchen comfortably. 

Being Indecisive

Do not permit to proceed unless you are delighted with the renovation ideas. Changing your mind amid a renovation may result in delays, extra costs, and irritation. Save yourself the hassle by ensuring that you are pleased with the blueprints before beginning work.

Skimping on Storage

There is no such thing as too much storage space, so don’t scrimp on it when building your new kitchen. Inside your cabinets and drawers, include lazy Susans, roll-out drawers, tray dividers, and inserts to optimize every inch of storage space.

Forgetting About the Details

Many homeowners are so preoccupied with selecting worktops, floors, and appliances that they overlook small design elements. Countertops, floors, and appliances are essential, but so are backsplashes, cabinet handles, and other minor design elements. These may seem to be little details, but they may significantly affect how the kitchen appears after the renovation.


Some individuals include hundreds of ideas into their renovation plans without considering how the kitchen will appear after everything is finished. Therefore, the kitchen is over-designed and neither inviting, comfortable, or practical. It is essential to understand when to stop while renovating the kitchen so as not to make this error. 

You should also leave lots of open space so that the kitchen does not seem cramped after the renovation is finished.

These little mistakes may result in a great deal of extra tension and frustration. Make an effort to avoid these blunders so that you can finish your renovation quicker, on budget, and with the kitchen in Parkes of your dreams.


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