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Property is a huge investment so maintaining it is crucial. Getting your property painted not only helps to improve the looks of your home but also helps in protecting the walls and ceiling. If you are still wondering whether it is time to call the painter Chatswood or not, look for these signs.

Cracking and Peeling:

If you see any cracking and peeling paint on walls or ceiling, then you should immediately contact the painter  in Chatswood. This problem arises as a result of an accumulation of water vapours between the surface of the structure and the paint. 

Peeling and cracking is a clear sign of poor ventilation and leakage in the property. Cracking can also result in paint flaking and chipping off from the walls. 

This is surely not going to improve itself with time. You need to call painter Chatswood to redo the painting.


Paint chalking is a common issue that arises on the exterior paints. It is due to constant exposure to the sun. The sunlight deteriorates the binder which holds the paint together. As a result, the outer surface of the wall gets covered with chalk-like powder. If you have seen any chalking you should place a call to the painter in Chatswood, otherwise, the delays can lead to more degradation of the wall.

Fading and dated colours:

Over time, by constant exposure to UV rays, the chemical bonds of paint keep on breaking because of which the pigment starts to fade. Comparatively to unexposed places in your home, the exposed part probably needs repaint frequently. 

Also, the older paint colours should be changed by adding new colours and increase the aesthetic value of the home. Contact painter Chatswood to get excellent services

Mildew and Mould:

If you saw mildew and mould spots in your house then you should probably contact a professional painter Chatswood as soon as possible. Mould can be generally spotted on the wooden doors or windows. Along with this, this situation arises when a place in your home is poorly ventilated or it’s damp due to leakage. Somethings it gets directly removed by washing with pressurized water, but if this is not the case then it is signs of deeper damage.

Most people will recommend you treat it with special pesticides but that is not a permanent solution. Also, before getting it repainted, the removal of mould is important. If you simply repaint the spot and the mould will continue to grow under the fresh coat and soon the situation will be similar again. 

Even though re-painting your property seems to be a huge task for you, but it is still crucial. It is vital as maintaining the health of the house. Moreover, if your house is in bad condition then it will leave an impression on everyone who enters your home, including the renter, guests, potential buyers or anyone. You need to hire an expert painter Chatswood who diagnoses the health of your property and can take timely actions while understanding the needs of customers as well. 

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