Sun, Sep 26, 2021

The durability, cost efficiency and ease of use make hook and loop tape a popular option for the fastener. Securing chords and wires is one of the best use of hook and loop tape. Other than this, keeping the electric wires in an organised manner is also a great task of hook and loop wire. Hook and loop tape can also be used in and around the home for DIYers and in special education classes. It is best in case if you want a reliable fastening solution.

Uses of hook and loop tape

You won’t lose the remote again: a remote is a lifeline for many people and they die for a while if the remote is misplaces in any case. Apply the hook and loop tape at the backside of remote or at the TV side or dresser for creating a DIY dock station for the remote where you can store it if not in use. You just need to remember the attachment of remote with the surface and hence you will never waste time while looking for it.

Keeping the rug in the right place: how often do you place the rug at the right place after so much of traffic had been through your living room? I bet you would have got tired setting down the sliding rug in place! Apply the hook and loop tape at the rug’s back and fix it with the floor in an innovative way. Make sure that the rug gets secure at the desired place.

Hanging pictures: hook and loop tapes can be used as a good alternative for hanging pictures if one is weary putting holes in walls. Just pace some strips of the tape at the back of the frame and fix it with the wall surface without using hammer and nails.

Securing seat cushions: seat cushions look really annoying when moving around, especially at the wooden chair. Apply a few strips of the hook and loop tape at the seat of the chair and cushions so as to fix them at a proper place.

Organising children’s toys: messes, toys and kids go hand in hand. Hook and loop tape can be very useful if applied on the backside of the toys so as to secure them at the closet or bedroom wall. This will provide a fun and neat way for the kids to keep their toys in place.

Utilities and tools: a special tool is something for which a lot of people troubled finding at the time of need. Hook and loop tape can fit flashlights, hammers and screwdrivers to the walls of a garage for easy access.

Classrooms meant for special education: hook and loop tape is best known for its versatility. Teachers of special education use it as their secret weapon for a great learning environment. It helps in keeping the classroom safe and tidy and also contributes greatly to creating an inclusive learning environment for the students.




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