Tue, Sep 21, 2021

The 21 century caters to a global market that is unrelenting and tough to compete in. Businesses have to stay on top of their game at all times if they want to survive in this environment. Growing and gaining new consumers becomes even more important in this backdrop. A business cannot afford to neglect having a well thought out marketing strategy if they want to prosper and earn profit. The last few decades have highlighted the importance of online advertising and a popular advertising tactic is using a PPC Package to gain visitors from search engines like Google. 

Importance of a PPC package:

Choosing a good PPC package and bidding on important keywords can put a spotlight on a business thus gaining them viewers and potential consumers. The PPC advertising model stands for pay-per-click and signifies a process in which a business pays a small sum to a search engine every time their website is clicked on. Search engines like Google have great traffic which can be instrumental for a business advertising on this platform. 

Understanding ROI:

Advertising on such platforms implies that businesses have to pay a fee for every person who clicks on their website using the platform. This can seem like a costly marketing method but what needs to be considered is the revenue generated for the business by the additional influx of viewers. The endgame for these businesses is to convert a viewer into their customer. A business needs to analyse how often a PPC ad creates customers which is measured using the conversion rate. This can then be used to calculate the overall profitability of a business otherwise known as their ROI (Return on Investment). 

Optimising one’s PPC package is crucial to reduce the cost per click incurred by the business. It can also create a higher click through rate and get a better quality score. A good PPC package will also increase the ROI of a campaign . An example to illustrate this is comparing a package offered by Google to one offered by Yahoo. Current market trends show how Google is doing much better than Yahoo and hence has more traffic on its system. If one were to choose a PPC package with yahoo they may not get that many clicks which negatively impact the conversion rate thus hampering the ROI. Hence it is important to optimise one’s PPC package. 

One can optimise their PPC campaign by:

  • Selecting the correct advertising platform. It is important to choose a platform that has significant traffic so that your ad can reach a wider audience.   
  • Doing research on the needs and requirements of your target audience can help in building an ad that will definitely catch their eye.
  • Researching different aspects of keywords, like negative keyword lists, dividing it into groups etc. can help in increasing the clicks on your ad.
  • Creating a great ad that will surely attract the attention of a visitor and will make them want to visit your website is essential.
  • Having a relevant landing page connected to your ad is necessary as irrelevant information can upset and dissuade a potential consumer from availing your services.
  • Many PPC campaigns allow companies to use ego targeting. Businesses should definitely use geo targeting and base their ads according to the specific requirements of an area’s demographic. 
  • Frequently evaluating a business’s quality score can help them make any changes necessary to their campaign.


Businesses today need to use marketing strategies like PPC campaigns if they want to continue growing. But it is also important to optimise your PPC campaign so that you can increase clicks and ROI. A few important tips about PPC packages have been highlighted above to help you make an informed choice. 


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