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Steel handrails are common. You use them on stairways. They need proper installation. You need to clean them daily. They are stable for the staircase.

  • You can follow expert guidelines for cleaning
  • Avoid making use of harsh solvents
  • Regular cleaning is essential

Quality handrails are good for use as posts. They may vary in quality. Your search for the best stainless handrails in Northern Suburbs online.

1. Clean surface before installing

You cannot install them on an unclean surface. The handrails may not be durable. Always ensure the surface is clean.

Regular cleaning will remove stains and dust. These elements can degrade the quality of the handrails. You can use the pressure wash technique as well.

2. Use studs where possible

If possible you can use studs. These offer better protection. It makes the rails more durable. Studs will prevent rusting as well.

Check with the quality of studs you select. Always focus on the right size. Do not use big size studs.

3. Always use screws to protect

Welding may not be the right option. It can result in rusting. Do not weld the rails. It is better to make use of screws.

You can select stainless screws. These are better and will not rust. Plastic screws can also be an ideal choice. Make wise selections.

4. Use warm water

It is never easy to clean rails using cold water. Wipe the rail with warm water. This will remove dust and grease. Handrails will develop water spots with ease.

You can use a dry cloth to wipe the rails. Do not leave them wet for a longer time. Go with quality stainless handrails Northern Suburbs material.

5. Use quality polish

It is more effective to use quality polish after warm water wash. Polish will offer the rails extra protection. Ensure you use only quality polish.

This will also reduce the need to clean the rails every day. It will maintain a perfect sheen. Liquid polish is the best for steel.

6. Remove corrosion

Rails may develop corrosion. They catch rust with time. It is important to treat the rust. This will prevent contamination as well.

You can only use warm water to remove rust. Avoid using sandpaper. You should not damage the upper polish coating of the rails.

7. You can use glass cleaner

Glass cleaner is more effective on rails. It will help in removing the dirt marks. You should use a cotton towel if you use glass cleaner.

It is best to use one that is rich in ammonia. You can also prepare the solution at your home. Check with stainless handrails Northern Suburbs dealers online.

8. Treat stains soon

Stains will develop with time. It is more effective to treat them soon. Stains can affect the shine of the rails. They are visible with ease.

You can use steel cleaner to treat all types of stains. Before you use it, always test the cleaner.

Avoid using anything that is harsh. Chlorine is never the best choice. It will damage the coating. Do not bleach the handrails. Clean the rails at least once a week.


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