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If you need to move any of the goods, there are two ways you can use shipping crates. The first approach is to use a company that contracts them out, or you can purchase cheap wooden crates for sale so that you can have a variety of crates that can be used over time. Shipping crates are primarily used for the movement of goods from one location to another. Shipping units may be used to mail things such as computers, tablets, stationery, meat and fish. They can also be used for office removals, as they are reliable and durable.

When you ship a product that could be very valuable or delicate, stress levels will go through the roof. It is going to get worse if you submit more than one of these products. This is where the durability of the wooden crates steps in to save the day.

Why Choose Wooden Crates?

They are Affordable

Cheap wooden boxes for sale are typically very affordable. This is because the materials used to manufacture them are more convenient to obtain, more natural and do not need a large manufacturing amount. If the cost of production is low, the price of the commodity is also low. This is not the case with plywood boxes that appear to be on the more expensive end.


Wooden crates are built to be a challenge to get in after they have been sealed. This is important when you are moving long distances, and the crates can come into contact with many people, some of whom may be unscrupulous. As stated earlier, the wooden crates are also very durable and secure, protecting fragile objects from the danger of breakage, which is the ever-present reality of long-distance transport of goods. With cushioning material such as foam, the goods become nearly indestructible under standard transport conditions.

Simple Design

There is typically a need for a fast and simple product to manufacture cheap wooden crates for sale, for industries needing large quantities. The wooden crate has an effortless and natural nature that translates into a more comfortable and effective manufacturing operation. Based on the company’s specifications—the smoother the manufacturing process, the higher the cost savings.

Wooden crates need less resource, and although this may not seem a market factor, it adds to the cost of purchasing a crate. Plywood crates cost a lot more because they need adhesives and additives during the lamination process. Wooden crates reduce overall production costs by requiring nothing more than wood, which is better for the wallet and the climate. In addition, there is no harmful material used to make other packaging materials; thus, there is no chance that it might leak into your products.


Cheap wooden crates may be stacked to save space. This is perfect for shipping and trade show crates where a customer can have several goods but limited room on their booth. Wooden crates can be stacked because of their thick walls, which provide great strength, and make them more durable; thus, they can withstand considerable pressure from other crates piled over them. This is reassuring, mainly if the items are fragile, such as glasswork or artwork; wrapping them in a bubble cushion ensures that they are protected through the display.


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