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Healthy and sparkling clean teeth are something that we all wish we had but did not think to take care of. Some of us are more prone to tooth decay, while in others, it takes a much longer time. Dentists advise patients to follow a basic oral care routine that includes regular brushing, and flossing. Book an appointment with your dentist for regular teeth checkup every six months. Your emergency dentist in Sydney will be able to identify dental issues before it can get complicated. 

This article lists out some surprising teeth damaging food that you didn’t know. Check out these tooth health hazards as listed out by dentists.

  • Biting inedible things:

Only what is edible should be put into your mouth. Dentists in Sydney advise against biting on things that are not meant for eating. Most of us conveniently try to use our teeth to bite and tear things. Some of us have the habit of opening up plastic wrappings with our teeth, biting fingernails, and other sharp objects. Biting fingernails can cause the bacteria in your nails to enter into your mouth, and through saliva and blood, it spreads to the other parts of the body. Over time it causes gingivitis and tooth decay.

The specialist dentist explains that the tip of your teeth is the weakest and most sensitive. The enamel is the thinnest at this point. It gets easily cracked and chipped when biting onto two things that are not food.

  • Acidic foods:

Carbonated soft drinks are high in acid and sugar content. Dentists advise against consuming sugary, acidic food that is unhealthy and leaves your teeth at risk for developing cavities. Juices, smoothies are undoubtedly rich in vitamins and minerals; however, due to the high sugar content and acid in them, they pose a significant threat to your teeth. Dentists recommend sipping your juice through a straw and along with lots of water. This takes away any remnants of the food consumed. Dentists recommend against overstaffing food, which could lead to a glutton and accumulation of food particles in between your teeth.

  • Sticky and oily foods:

Emergency Dentists says a big no against eating sticky foods. Sticky and oily food not only stain your teeth but also so difficult to clean up. Sticky food such as toffees, sweets, chocolate jellies and other food items should be avoided. They are bad news for your teeth as the sticky substances when leftover time can transform into acid that breaks down your teeth and fastens the process of tooth decay. Sydney city’s dentist recommends rinsing your mouth well after biting into dried fruits, desserts, snacks, chips, cake and other such food items.

  • Caffeine:

Most of us can’t get through a day without that morning cup of tea or coffee. It is common knowledge as dentists time and again advise against drinking too much caffeine. It stains your teeth. Sipping on hot tea daily can cause tooth sensitivity as it damages and cracks the tooth enamel. In addition to this, you consume too much sugar in a day and leave your teeth to additional risk of cavities.

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