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Well, it’s true that you have already spent a lump sum amount of money recently to purchase and install timber flooring in Campbelltown. So, you won’t do anything wrong to destroy the beauty of this new floor. Taking care of timber floor is super easy, which actually attracted you initially to make a purchase. Now the main question is how to actually take care of it. You have heard so much about multiple techniques and even your friends and families have some advice for you. But, it is really important to check out the best maintenance tips from experts for quality help now.

Different cleaning products are available:

With wider ranges of grades, timber and constructions, you have all the freedom in this world to choose from broader ranges of coatings and finishes to work with and procure specified design visions. Now, once you have your stunning floor all set and done, taking care of it is the next step to maintain the lifespan and integrity of floor finish. But, remember that one cleaning product is not meant for all kinds of floor. It depends based on the type, grain, texture and finish of your floor. So, be very specific to the cleaning item you are planning to choose.

Quick dos and don’ts:

Once you have installed the timber flooring in Campbelltown, be sure to stay off the floor for a bare minimum of 24 hours, better if more. After 24 to 48 hours later, the floor is set to walk on but only with socks. You can’t just walk with shoes on as that new floor is susceptible to dust and dirt. Never try to walk on such a floor with a wet floor or at least try to get this floor out of water touch for a minimum of initial 7 days after its installation. Never use detergent on the floor and never try to pour water directly on it.

Next few tips to address:

You are not supposed to use excessive water any time on your timber floor. If you really need to clean the floor, try using a damp and not a wet mop. Moreover, never even pay heed to use baking soda, abrasive cleaners or the ones with ammonia in it to clean timber flooring in Campbelltown at all. If you are doing so, you are unknowingly hampering the look of the floor. Well, that’s the last thing you could have ever asked for, especially after spending such a hefty amount to purchase it.

Other things to avoid:

You should avoid using any abrasive chemical items or harsh microfiber cloths for cleaning the floor. Instead of cleaning, you will literally start damaging the wooden floor way more. Always remember that some of these microfibre cloths are pretty harsh and might strip oil or nutrients from the floor. So, using cotton cloths or mops instead can be an ideal choice to remove dirt from the surface body and keeping it all decked up for long. Regular maintenance is mandatory if you don’t want to lose the real shine of the timber floor.

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