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Terrazzo is an excellent bathroom tiling alternative for many reasons. Since it is made by embedding marble, granite, quartz or glass chips into a cement binder, it preserves much of the non-cement additive’s aesthetic qualities. Moreover, at a fraction of the price, it achieves a look just as beautiful as pure stone or ceramic tiles. Since terrazzo tiles are created by combining various elements, you can select just about any design or colour you can think of for your tile project, including abstract decorative patterns, official seals, and floor maps. 

On a more practical level, terrazzo is one of the strongest tiling materials on the market – much more so than its counterparts in stone and ceramics are. When properly sealed, it is impervious to water and stain damage, it does not chip as if other tile materials would, and this makes it best for terrazzo tile in the bathroom. However, if the surface is worn down over the years, it can be re-finished and polished again to look like new.


Terrazzo tiles can be applied as conventional tiles from a construction perspective, or they can be combined, poured and finished directly on-site, providing even more flexibility and choices when designing and installing. It is also up to 50 per cent lighter than other tiling materials, making it particularly useful for multi-story installations, especially buildings with wide areas and multiple floors where the weight of materials can add up. Though terrazzo is a great product for homeowners, it is best suited for large office buildings and other public areas as well.

Where Are Terrazzo Best Used?

Thanks to the amazing durability of the terrazzo tile, it is perfect for just about any use you may think of. This can be used as flooring material outside or inside and is ideal for high-traffic areas such as bathrooms and tiled outdoor areas for that purpose alone. Furthermore, its water-resistance also makes it an equally appropriate option for kitchen and bathroom floors. Besides flooring, it also has the ability to repel water and stains, making it a common option for countertops, showers, baths, and pools. As mentioned earlier, it is especially suitable for large-scale flooring projects in buildings and public areas because terrazzo is lightweight and can be poured in large swaths instead of being laid as individual tiles. 

The availability of different colours Outdoor travertine tiles are also popular. Depending on the colour that will be right for your room, you can select white, beige, gold and reddish-brown. The colour of these tiles depends on how much the tiles contain iron. You can choose between the different textures and finishes such as tumbled, polished or matt when matching your home decor. In addition, because of the outdoor travertine tiles different characteristics, it becomes very common particularly for those homeowners who want to change their home’s ambience. Apart from homeowners, Travertine is also a favourite choice of builders and those people who want to seek another look.

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